KCPD PowerPoint On Police Shooting Continues To Spark Internets Questions

Not sure if the "justice should be blind" argument works anymore given that deadly American police altercations now have the potential to burn down the entire country.

Still, this is a decent roundup that doesn't require a paywall . . . Check-it:

Kansas City PD Presentation Says Every Shooting Investigation Is Handled The Same Way... Unless It Involves A Cop

The Kansas City Police Department has managed to turn a few heads -- and not in the good way -- with an internal PowerPoint that may as well have been titled "So, You've Killed Someone." The document was obtained during discovery in a...


  1. Blacks

  2. Unfortunately too many bad apples in the ranks, including commanders, make internal investigations unreliable and not trusted by many members of our community. In addition, many incidents are not even investigated. Just this week, the Mayor and Police Chief of Rochester new York were found to have hidden facts related to a deadly force encounter with a citizen for over 5 months until the family got the media to start looking into the death. In our own back yard, many of our police shootings are surrounded by questionable circumstances.

    What we do know is officers can use the magic words "I feared for my safety" and pretty much execute anyone in this city and around the country and will rarely get convicted. We also know that police killing unarmed citizens is a problem due to lack of training and de-escalation skills, empathy, compassion and a disregard for human life

    1. However, police shootings are relatively rare compared to the lack of compassion and disregard for human life present in our local thuggery, who murder about one a day.

  3. Well if it happened in Rochester then every other department has to be doing the same! Right? And no officer has the right to fear for their own wellbeing! They have no right to ever defend themselves if face with violence! Right? Now who wants to sign up to be a police officer?

  4. Meh, play a perimeter defense and let hood justice work itself out. There is guaranteed to be a thinning of the herd.

  5. Well that’s a nothing burger.


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