KCPD Officer Released From Hospital Following Deadly Shootout

Credit to KMBC . . . One of the few local news organizations who shows concern for the cop who nearly lost his life after taking gunfire from a suspect wanted in an aggravated assault case.

Also, there's a worthwhile round-up of how the shooting went down in this report . . . Read more:

KC police officer out of hospital after shooting that killed man during arrest attempt

A Kansas City police officer was wounded and a man was killed during an arrest attempt Thursday evening at a BP gas station at 63rd Street and Prospect Avenue.On Saturday, KCPD said the officer was out of the hospital and recovering. Sgt.


  1. Glad to hear it. Hope he's okay. Thank You for your service protecting the law abiding public.

  2. Byron Funkhouser3/27/21, 6:57 PM

    Too bad he didn't take out more niggers.

  3. A hero !!! BLM should thank him for removing one of their own that did not think black lives mattered.

  4. I did not make the comment at 6:57.

    He wants everyone to know he's a racist piece of shit.

  5. Is Petersucker going to charge the cop with murder because she failed to put legends murderous grandpa in jail a few years ago?

    God damn she’s fucking worthless.

  6. Don't know the race or color of the criminal. But sure glad as he met his maker. More violent offender should seek an end to their evil. Watch some dicksmack reply with endorsement of crime or justice.


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