Doggie Suffers Family Unfriendly Gunfire

Tragic local life report and a glimpse spiking violence throughout the metro.

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Family dog shot in KCK as children play

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A Kansas City, Kansas, family's dog is recovering after someone opened fire in their neighborhood, hitting and injuring the dog. It happened over the weekend and the family said it could have been a lot worse. Lindsay Rush said her children were playing outside on their trampoline when they heard the gunshot.


  1. The fire chief will probably help the perps oil their guns. What a maroon.

  2. where was this neighborhood T, if you know? story didn't say and neither did the tv story. odd since it includes a request for tips at the end.

    the dog seems ok in the video, not sure if just a glancing wound or what.

    what about the kids who were out there at the time of the shooting they been through a lot

    weird to hear from the CEO and president of the non profit KC for animals. they raised $2k for the dog in a flash, which is nice, but part of the cynic in me asks, "what about the people?"

    whoever did this fired at people and needs to be found

    also make sure you always keep your dogs on a leash

  3. Why'd the dog get shot? He ain't black!

    1. Moose limbs hate dogs, maybe it was one of them?

  4. Once a guy here in town vandalized the paint on a red italian supercar, cause he was jealous of the owner. He had vandalized other cars of this guy in the past, over many years.

    The car owner got fed up, thumped the vandal's dog in the head with a hammer and killed it months later. The vandal cried and buried his dog. No more vandalism!


  5. Blame the blacks they don't even like Mr Potato head or Dr Seuss.


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