KCK Archbishop Garners Momentum In Crusade Against Abortion & Prez Biden

The local faith leader now earns national headlines amid Lent 2021 for his moral and political opposition against the new Prez and abortion policy that might expand after the Democratic Party won back the White House, Congress and the Senate.

Here's ensuing MSM push back, rebuke and just a lit of mockery thrown in for good measure . . . Read more:

The Archbishop Who Fears for Joe Biden's Soul

Green: When you're saying there's a "grave moral evil" there, you're saying that if Joe Biden participated in any legislative attempts, for example, to end the Hyde Amendment and allow federal funding for abortions-that would be the same moral evil as if he were to perform an abortion or assist some member of his family in having an abortion?


  1. Weekend at Bernie’s guy joe died a long time ago, nobody is quite sure when it was that he sold his soul and the American people to Russia, the Ukraine and China.

  2. 6:31...that is why almost every foreign policy job Sleepy Joe had ended in failure. Because his goal was to protect his family interests; not the United States.

  3. ^^and yet the stock market is roaring, my 401K is exploding, gas prices are no where near $5.00 a gallon, the Biden vaccine is winning the war on the Rona, employment is up ,and we are winning so hard! Go Joe!

  4. In defense of Joe Biden and in response to the archbishop, Joe Biden is always looking for a missionary position to fill. Just look at all the photos of him getting behind women.

  5. Chimpy, congrats. You remembered your ^^pussy marks.

    Go up the tree and have a free flea brunch off mommas hairy back.

    Then take a break so you can come back to the blog and resume your life's work.

  6. I fear for the soul of any Catholic who prays to Mary or the Saints. Thats idolatry. Making your own God in addition to the real God. Its a very serious offense - it got the death penalty in Old Testament times.

    Now the sentence for idolatry is hell (per Jesus Christ).

    Mary is a deceased jewish woman who never heard the words Pope or Catholic. She is awaiting the reserection. She cant hear your prayers - or are you going to call Jesus a liar?

  7. What soul?

  8. There are a couple people who pose as Catholics who will definitely burn in Hell, one is Pedo Joe the other is Nancy Peloser. They are killing babies, poor South American kids, US poor people, the economy, energy independence......everything they get their hands on, they kill. Democrats are shameful.

  9. ^^^OMG!! And what about Tom Hanks.....eating stolen baby's livers for sexual gratification......and those people who go to the Washington pizza shop afterwards....and the one's Trump is going to arrest, try and hang...........their all going to BURN!!!

  10. Check out number of deaths at the border dumb shit. I know facts don’t register I. Your addled brain. Give it a shot, though. See if you can research something and express more than your wittle feelings.


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