We've talked about this previously but this week Northeast News offers a worthwhile roundup that truly captures the scope of a KCMO housing advocacy group SCORING A MAJOR VICTORY whilst so many other services for locals are cut and reliable trash pickup has become a worsening problem.

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KC Tenants celebrate funding of tenant advocacy office, preview affordability plans

Abby Hoover Managing Editor On Thursday, March 25, as the Kansas City, Mo., City Council prepared to approve the Fiscal Year 2021-22 budget, organizers from KC Tenants voiced their support of full funding for the Office of the Tenant Advocate on the steps of City Hall.


  1. Public money given to activists to help them deny the public access to a public building. Insanity.

  2. Add yet another make-work jobs program position to the already worthless KCMO city staff.
    Hundreds of thousands of tax dollars thrown away on just another "service" that will mostly look out for family, friends, and insiders.
    And at the same time that Lucas and the gang talk about supporting affordable housing!

  3. Gibsmedat!

  4. Vote NO for the e tax.. it will help the homeless

  5. And city employees had to take money out of their checks to cover self inflicted losses by mayor lickass and he won’t pay them back.... but he willingly gives money to people who won’t lift a finger to help themselves, Jesus Christ no wonder people are flocking out of the city.

  6. I hope the investigative press reviews every dollar spent by the tenant advocates office.

  7. The Mayor is scared to death of the tenants. I'll bet they've got something on him. He just collapses to give them everything they want. Eventually, they'll get totally free housing. that's their real goal. And they Mayor will lead the way - screw the taxpayers and good citizens of the City just because the tenants have something on the Mayor that he doesn't want made public.


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