Kansas Youth Sports Trans Ban Advances

First and foremost, we remind our readers that amateur sports aren't important and they're mostly a drag family obligation that people use to justify lives of quiet discontent.

Still . . .

There's not much middle-ground in this fight that hopes to preserve girls sports vs. protecting youngters from bullying.

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Proposal to ban transgender athletes advances in Kansas

Conservative Republicans advanced a proposal Tuesday that would ban transgender students from girl's and women's sports in Kansas schools and colleges, and supporters are increasingly confident of success.The state Senate Education Committee approved the bill on a voice vote after a brief debate, sending it to the full Senate, where GOP leaders have identified the measure as a priority.Freshman Rep.


  1. Transgender anything is just not right and not fair. To have a tranny play sports is really unfair. People need to get over this weird sickness You're either a female or male and nothing or no one can change that fact. Don't like yourself??? GET HELP.

  2. They will be mostly a DRAG if the trannies aren't booted.

  3. "First and foremost, we remind our readers that amateur sports aren't important and they're mostly a drag family obligation that people use to justify lives of quiet discontent."

    2021 KSHSAA Boys Basketball State Championships Class 4A

    Louisburg = 40
    Bishop Miege = 94


  5. Trans ppl just being who they were born as by taking drugs and surgery to change the way they were born?

    Liberal logic in its purest form

  6. Estrogen For Trans “Women” Comes In Anime Rainbow Sparkle Boxes But Don’t Dare Market Cigarettes To Kids, That’s Wrong…



  7. Here is an example of the leftist idea of togetherness :

    Next month, Columbia University will offer six additional graduation ceremonies based on race, ethnicity and other self-identifying factors of undergraduate students.

    Native, Asian, Latino and Black graduations are listed as options where students can register, as well as a Lavender graduation for the LGBTQ community, and a ceremony for first-generation and low-income students.

  8. Why isn't there anything for transgender Muslim lesbians that identify as Wookies?

  9. Trans can begin their own sports programs and compete against each other. Knock yourselves out.

  10. Ha, Women voters had voted for all this shit. Now it bites them in the ass when reality hits and the Tranny they promoted kicks their ass in every sport and get the promotion at work. What do they call that ? Stupid bitch that cuts their own throat by not thinking before supporting ?

  11. Trans (M to F) athletes are not being banned from sports. They are free to compete against other athletes who have XY in their chromosomes just like the transies do. Trans (M to F) athletes are free to compete against XX chromosome athletes. Seems very fair to me.

  12. I do find it hilarious the conflict in the HS girls' heads. They are socially woke and now feel the effects of that pandering having mentally defective males in their sports.

  13. Those who voted Democrat, voted this non-sense in. Democrats deserve what they voted for.

  14. Science says that if you are male, you can NEVER be female or visversa. Any attempts to change nature is nothing but cosmetic, surgery or otherwise.


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