Kansas Weed Vote Coming Soon

Red state moves closer to dealing with this lost battle in the drug war and what might be their only highly taxable growth industry in the immediate future.

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Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Inches Closer To Vote In Kansas Committee As Lawmakers Weigh Amendments | Marijuana Moment

A bill to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas took another step toward a House committee vote on Tuesday, with lawmakers introducing a round of amendments for the second day in a row. The proposed revisions ranged from setting THC potency limits to removing prohibitions on certain methods of consuming cannabis.


  1. I vote NO.

  2. I vote yes...and give the proceeds to something useful. Highway patrol says 67% of cars driving from colorado into kansas are carrying weed. Legalize it and make the mnoey. With 2 border state making it legal it already is abundant in kansas....

  3. So will high school kids be able to buy and smoke pot? Whats the age requirement?

  4. 13 will be the legal age to toke up........


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