Kansas War Hero Priest Returned Home And Nominated For Sainthood

The impact of war always resonates over time, here's a somewhat inspiring example that leads back to the Sunflower State as Rev. Emil Kapaun earns well-deserved accolades for his sacrifice in the Korean war and the Catholic Diocese of Wichita has promoted Kapuan's qualifications for sainthood.

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Remains of Kansas priest who died in Korean War identified

WICHITA, Kan. - The remains of a Kansas priest who is being considered for sainthood by the Roman Catholic Church for his ministry during the Korean War have been identified, U.S. military officials said. The Rev. Emil Kapaun, of Pilsen, Kansas, died on May 23, 1951, as a prisoner of war during the Korean War.


  1. Catholic Priests have done some dispicable things.

    However, Father Kapaun deserves Sainthood.

    During the Korean War the 8th Calvary Regiment were surrounded and overrun by three divisions of Chinese Communist troops at Unsan, North Korea. Hell of a battle.

    Per soldier eyewitness accounts, Father Kapaun, risked his life many times to pull wounded soldiers to a last stand permiter the 8th Cav soldiers were holding. After being surrounded for three days, the soldiers who were not wounded decided they had to try to breakout.

    Father Kapaun volunteered to stay behind with the wounded who were terrified of being massacred. The Chinese captured Father Kapuan and the wounded and they murdered the wounded who could not walk.

    Father Kapaun literally carried wounded for miles during their forced march to the POW camp. Then he shared his food with the wounded at the POW camp and even found ways to steal food from the guards to share with the wounded.

    Father Kapaun saved many soldiers from execution as the Chinese guards were afraid of his strong religious beliefs. Father Kapaun contracted dysentry and died at the POW camp. He was nominated by the POW's and received the Medal of Honor from the U.S. Army for his heroism.

    The Korean War was probably the most vicious war the U.S. fought. Huge battles involving hundreds of thousand of Chinese Communists attacking U.S. and South Korean troops. By the end of the war the Republic of Korea (ROK's) became an incredible fighting force for the size of the country and held their own against Chinese attacks. ROK's and U.S. Army / Marines / Air Force have an incredible bond.


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