Kansas Republican Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop Attempt To Silence Rising Demand For Resignation By Temporarily Backing Off Job Duties After DUI Bust

This is misdirection, it's clever and most newsies are falling for it by dutifully reprinting an afternoon presser . . .

Kansas Senate Majority Leader temporarily steps down after DUI arrest

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop is temporarily stepping down and is transferring his duties to Kansas Senate Assistance Majority Leader Larry Alley after being arrested Monday night for several crimes, including driving under the influence. Suellentrop released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying "Today, out of respect for Senate leadership, my Republican [...]


  1. Not just a DUI. He crossed through the grass trying to run and resisted when apprehended. Needs to do 30 days, a hefty fine and resume update.

    1. I mean have you ever been getting head and trying to drive a car at the same time? It's actually pretty tough to do.

  2. Nah, he needs six more dui’s and then we will think about it, hey now, if it works for the dumbass dimwits......

  3. He's fine. Didn't turn an Oldsmobile into a submarine and drown a blonde like Ted Kennedy.

  4. Throw this bum into the political exile. We now know why the Kansas legislature refuses to get serious about updating our DUI laws. They are all a bunch of drunk criminals!!

  5. Money may be the mother's milk of politics.
    But booze is the oil that greases the wheels and keeps in moving.
    Just another hypocrite who wants to pass laws to tell everybody else how they have to live their lives.
    Who's next?


  6. Dude - Admit your a drunk and move on your political career is over your nose says it all in your mug shot....Who are you bullshiting ?


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