Kansas Rep. 'Pretty Shook' After Drunk Dude At Bar Yells At Him Amid Asian Hate Trending

A guide for local life in the social media era . . .

Every confrontation is a potential hate crime.

Sadly, people still don't seem any nicer despite heightened sensitivities and the threat of drama with every interaction.

Speaking of not so nice peeps, the embattled Kansas politico retweeted a scumbag attack against this blog that called out you d-bags in the comments by trying to misrepresent my commentary with YOUR RACIST BLATHER. It's an old trick and possibly why hapless Kansas Democrats still managed to LOSE SEATS despite the Democratic Party retaking the White House, Senate and Congress in 2020.

Accordingly, here's MSM Twitter journalism that might or might better inform their audience . . . Read more:

Asian-American Kansas state rep describes threatening incident

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Asian-American Kansas state representative from Johnson County alleges that he was targeted Friday in west-central Kansas. , who has represented the Kansas' 25th District in the state's House of Representatives since 2019, tweeted about an incident shortly after 10 p.m. on Friday.


  1. plenty of bully bois in kanas. glad that there are far more decent people who rejected that kind of silliness, that should have been the headline.

  2. Amazing that suddenly there’s all this “supposed” white against Asian hate going on all of a sudden in just two whole days isn’t it!

    Blacks have been beating and killing Asians steadily and increasingly for a year now and it’s funny that they barely mention it don’t you think?


  3. How is it that everyone is going after Asian people who are just as much victims in the COVID terrorist act as we are? But yet when muslims attack us people accept them and their radical theocracy, even praise them. This makes no sense.

  4. A bite to eat? Roast Labrador maybe? Some people might find that offensive.

    1. Yea . You win ass of the comments. Now go put yourself in a vape pen and with a push be gone.

  5. Has every Asian in America told their near-death story on their socials yet or do they need a couple more days?

  6. It's the new narrative . . . not so much to replace the George Floyd/BLM script, but to act as an adjunct. The goal is to obtain votes, alter public opinion, and have a permanent shift in power to the far left (which even is starting to scare "normal" Democrats).

    To do that, you have to make EVERY separate culture (blacks, Hispanics, gays, Asians, Indians, the other Indians, Muslims, Eskimolians, Hollywoodsters, and on and on) feel terribly aggrieved.

    The far left, the wokies, the Twitter mobs . . . they have no interest in governing. They wish to rule.

    Well . . . actually those who stoke them on wish to rule. Who that is, is the pertinent question (most likely the tech oligarchs more than less-than-bright members of Congress)

  7. “He loses interest and leaves the bar I guess, but for a few minutes there I was really getting ready to fight or flight outta there,” Xu said. “Especially with the Georgia story in the news, I didn’t know how this was going to go down.”


    "It’s the latest and most deadly episode of violence directed at Asian Americans, which has escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic and has left many Asian Americans fearful."

    What a load of fuckin shit. The guy was a long term sex addict, in treatment off and on, who couldn't stop going to massage parlors where hot Asian chicks no doubt worked. THAT IS WHY HE SHOT THEM AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE TOLD THE POLICE.

    One asshole in a bar confronts the guy and he has to become the victim of the moment in order to acquire more status in the overweening, "I am so special" victim culture that is actually just more anti-white racism.



    Asian Americans, including my wife, know goddamned good and well, who is really attacking them and it sure as hell is NOT fuckin white boys.

    The lying, fuckin chattering class makes bank and achieves power and sinecure at Progressive outlets all over America, NOT by telling the truth about who is actually the REAL danger in American streets, but by lying and pretending that there are KKK members behind every bush and tree waiting to attack Asians and innocent "Gentle Giants".

    What fuckin lies.

    This fuckin guy is a piece of shit for engaging in this type of agitprop/subterfuge that is based on hate, lies and designed to elevate him to higher political station based on his "close call".

  8. Whites kill whites, blacks kill blacks, hispanics kill hispanics, and blacks kill asians. The major media will never admit it.

  9. 7:30AM x 1,000,000

  10. Let me tell you what folks, those Asians can be some really rude ass hateful people.

  11. Xu and PBS weren't leaving until they found some racism, even if they had to make it up.

  12. Asians are co-opting the black narrative. Always a victim at the hateful white people. Getting sick of this crap. Never witnessed any of this where I go. Maybe if Xu wasn't such a liberal he could get along like the rest of us instead of trying to be the focus of the crisis du jour.

  13. 9:29 That is true of all people and racial groups.

    The ONLY thing that counts, are facts, stats and reality.

  14. thanks, Mr. Trump!

    thanks, Republicans!

  15. Strange dude, over dressed and wearing a mask, goes into a local bar in west Kansas and encounters a belligerent drunk. The drunk eventually leaves. Everyone else is really nice. What a frightening story about modern America! *snort*

  16. Okay, why don't we just say it and get it over with - Everybody is a victim...all the time...of anything and everything...and I want a damn pay day! How the hell do people live like this? It's got to be exhausting looking for new shit to cry about every day.

  17. @4:48! Excellent comment.

  18. Let me understand this. The Star uses as an example of Kansas racism against Asians an actual Kansas state rep that was elected by Kansans?

  19. We must stop dividing people and realize that as Americans we are strongest TOGETHER! We can learn a lot from each other culturally and individually.

  20. 8:29AM - Tell that to the media and those who control them. (They are not our friends).


    Rui X. Xu (pronounced REE shoe) Age 31
    Born in Switzerland to wealthy Chinese family
    (part of Chinese Communist efforts to infiltrate the West for education/technology acquisition/spying)
    Immigrated to U.S.
    Grew up in Rolla MO, but went to University of Southern California (USC)?
    Moved to KC area after college graduation from USC?
    Rabid anti-Trump Democrat
    LGBT agenda
    Anti-gun agenda
    SJW/BLM agenda
    Promotes the George Floyd hoax
    see: Casenet legal cases

    Kearsha Niccota Fleischman, age 32, stage wife?, database lists as single, no kids, registered Republican, Agnostic
    Jin Xu, age 37, sibling, of Hamden CT
    Gu U. Xu, age 67, parent, of Rolla MO, see MO Univ. of Science & Technology Chemistry Dept., see Casenet

    Prior to current Westwood KS official residence, lived in:
    Olathe KS (a different KS district that he couldn't win in)
    Seattle WA
    Los Angeles CA


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