Kansas Quakes As Old & Busted Unemployment System Stays Losing

Today there were more fracking tremors that Midwesterners will politely ignored. MEANWHILE, complaints from Sunflower State Democrats against their leader might resonate more deeply as voters are ALREADY gearing up for midterm elections . . . Check-it . . .

Fellow Democrat blasts Kelly for unemployment issues - The Sentinel

Even members of Kansas Governor Laura Kelly's own party are starting to question her handling of the state's unemployment system. Tens of thousands of Kansans are still struggling to get the benefits to which they are entitled, even as Kansas ranks in the nation in fraudulent claims - thanks in part to an antiquated computer system Kelly isn't planning to let bids on until July.


  1. Thank god I lived in Missouri when covid killed my job. Missouri unemployment is 1st class.

  2. kansas is not efficient and has antiquated computer systems in many areas.

  3. Gubner granny is right. It should be easy to suck on the gubmint teat.

  4. ^Well why not, you’ve done it your whole life!


  5. But yet they voted for her knowing that democrats screw everything up. Mark twain said; No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.

  6. I'm living proof of that, 6:59.


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