The average drunken low-life would likely get far more "attention" from law enforcement than a top ranking Kansas politico. Anyone who would deny as much is nothing more than a hack apologist and a person so insecure that they are unable to accept reality.

Check today's slap in the face to the plebs that kinda proves that whole "nation of laws" shtick is getting harder for everyone to believe . . .

Read more . . .

KSHB: Kansas Highway Patrol: No record to release on Suellentrop's arrest


"The patrol's Capitol Police division arrested state Senate Majority Leader Gene Suellentrop early March 16 on Interstate 70 near downtown Topeka after his SUV was reported traveling east in the highway's westbound lanes. The Wichita Republican was booked into jail, but a judge released him hours later, saying there was not sufficient evidence to support his arrest. 

"Luther Ganieany, the patrol's general counsel, initially said the front page of an offense report with basic information might be available by the end of this week. But he said in an email Thursday that the patrol is not required to file such a report for alleged DUI incidents and didn't."

Developing . . .


  1. Your gay son loves you3/25/21, 6:21 PM

    Entertain me with your defense of white privilege.

  2. Corruption at the highest level.

  3. Do you like internal combustion engines?

    Thank a few white men. (Jean Lenoir, Nikolaus Otto, Karl Benz, Rudolf Diesel, Gottlieb Daimler, Emil Jellinek, Henry Ford among others.)

    Are you a fan of flush toilets and indoor plumbing?

    Thank white males Alexander Cumming, Thomas Twyford, and Isaiah Rogers

    Toilet paper?

    Thank Joseph Gayetty, W.M.

    How about washing machines and dryers?

    Thank white males Alva Fisher and J. Ross Moore.

    If you ever had surgery, did you opt for anesthesia?

    If so, thank a few more white males, beginning with William Clarke in New York and Crawford Long in Georgia who both used chloroform in minor surgeries in 1842. A paper published four years later by William Morton, after his own work in Boston, spread the word. Ether replaced chloroform during the next decade. There are now scores of general and regional anesthetics and sedatives and muscle relaxants, administered in tandem.

    Next time you pop an aspirin, remember Felix Hoffmann of Bayer. In 1897, he converted salicylic acid to acetylsalicylic acid, much easier on the stomach. Aspirin remains the most popular and arguably the most effective drug on the market.

    Most Americans today die of heart disease or cancer, but before the twentieth century, it was infectious diseases that struck people down, and children were the primary victims. In pre-industrial England, still with the most developed economy in the world in the late 17th century, 50% of all children didn’t survive the age of 15. With the phenomenal growth of cities during the 19th century, cholera, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis became the leading killers.

    In 1854, a London medical inspector, John Snow, proved that a cholera epidemic in Soho was caused by infected sewage seeping into the water supply. Until then it was thought the disease spread through the air. The sanitary disposal of sewage and the provision of clean water, possible thanks to mostly anonymous metallurgists and engineers -- an exception is the famous Thomas Crapper, who pioneered the u-shaped trap and improved, though he didn’t invent, the flush toilet -- has saved more lives than any drug or surgical innovation.


    White people - men, have provided everything you take for granted in this world.

    Read the article Peregrine and all of you minorities so worried about "Cultural Appropriation".

    White folks will stop listening to rap music and braiding their hair in corn rows, and you dumb asses will have to go back to living under a tree and eating bananas.

    Cultural appropriation my ass.

    Get the fuck out of your car and give the keys to a white man.

    1. Delete Chuck The CHUD3/25/21, 6:29 PM

      What a disgusting person you are Chuck.

      Instead of supporting law and order you are making a racial argument. You're just as bad as BLM. You're just making the same argument in reverse. You don't believe in anything but the color of white. Disgusting idiocy. TKC should delete this comment because once again you're attempting to monopolize a conversation that isn't racial. It's about political privilege of the powerful. Was not convinced that you an idiot until now.

    2. Was not convinced 6:29 was a gay cock sucker and fudge packer until now.

  4. This is why those mugshots are so important!

  5. "Entertain me with your defense of white privilege."

    OK. Hunter Biden. Joe Biden. Your serve!

  6. ^^^ Excellent point!

  7. If he was a Black man the cops would have shot him

  8. It was just a couple weeks ago that Tiger Woods had an accident and the police did not do any blood or alcohol tests. So what is the big deal.

  9. People love to talk about a two-tiered justice system, but that's only because they heard the phrase on TV and think it makes them sound smart.

    In reality there are more tiers than we can count, and they're all based on your net worth, your social status, who you know, and how well you're known by others (and in what light).

    Celebrities, billionaires, and top-level polticians . . . even a smoking gun won't lead to a conviction (or often even a charge).

    Rich folk and state politicians . . . maybe a little bad press, a few moments of public shaming, but no trial.

    Small town social leaders . . . probably nothin' . . . so long as they know the judge and the sheriff.

    Your average middle to lower middle-class working person . . . you're toast.

    The worst of the low-life criminals . . . probably not charged for social justice reasons, but if they are, don't expect long jail sentences

    That's life . . . you might as well accept it. Nothing is fair; everybody should know that by the age of 5.

  10. If ANYONE from a foreign country who sneaks in and, as Tucker Carlson says, "Buys a pack of Marlborough and pays the sales tax" can vote, then I guess we can go to Russia, Mexico, Canada and vote in their elections too.

    The insanity coming from the Left is no longer even a thin patina of disguise to hide what they really want.

    They want you replaced White Boy, with government dependent parasites that will vote for Bread And Circus benefits so that Progressive/Radical, 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment killing politicians can maintain sinecure, power and money off of the backs of an ever decreasing, working middle class.

    Or, as Oprah and Louis Farrakhan (Just to name a few.) have said, they want you fuckin dead white boy.

    That's ok. The time is over for any pretense. The truth is now evident for any but the willfully impercipient to see, or, those hooked up to a Federal Money Government "Matrix" drip.

    I want them fuckin dead too. Hang the corpse's of the Fascist Oprah, Louis, Pelosi et al and BLM Brown Shirts in City Center Square by their fuckin heels.

  11. ^^^^

    Here's hoping that "chuck the CHUD" is on some watch list somewhere. None of what he wrote makes sense. Feel bad for even wasting time reading it.

  12. ^^^

    7:53 sorry you wasted your time reading it when you could have been sucking even more dick.

  13. ^^^^

    You think about sucking dick A LOT. Just saying.

  14. RACIST said:
    If he was a Black man the cops would have shot him

    3/25/21, 7:26 PM

    Actually, NO!

    If he was a Black politician instead of a White one, he also would have gotten away with the DUI. (see: Quinton Lucas DUI in Lawrence KS)

    Both are drunks and should have been punished. Actually punished more severely than non-politicans, to make an example of them.

  15. I stopped reading Chuck's comments some time ago.

    He hates Blacks.

    Everything else flows from that truth.

  16. Bookem Danno!

  17. What White Man isn’t above the law?


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