Kansas Guv Kelly Moves COVID Goalposts

Pandemic precautions continue with much more authority than was exercised in securing check for po'folk via the old & busted DOL. 

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Gov. Laura Kelly signs bill extending emergency disaster declaration

TOPEKA, Kan. (KWCH) - Governor Laura Kelly signed a bill Wednesday to ensure Kansas can continue providing communities with resources and support critical to the state's COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. Senate Bill 40 modifies the procedure for the declaration and extension of a state disaster emergency under the Kansas Emergency Management Act, and extends the current disaster declaration to May 28, 2021.


  1. Of course she is. Told you the Demonrats weren't going to give up total control.

  2. She is as worthless as Sharice. Democrats are all incompetent and dirty.


  3. Gov. Kelly needs to sign a emergency hair cutting disaster declaration. In case of emergency place bowl on head and cut.

  4. The mask mandate works too well to control people to be given up

  5. Nobody wants to control you.

  6. ^^ Except the libs. Open your eyes Byron. Oh, forget you're blind and still can't see what's going on in the world around you. Pathetic.

  7. Not mentioned in the story is the demise of the MASK MANDATE. The news stations are intentionally not reporting on this because they do not want us to know that we can end the mask mandate now!

    News out of Wichita outlines how we can end the mask mandate here in Johnson & Wyandotte Counties--


    "The bill, known as Senate Bill 40, makes several changes in county authority to respond to emergencies.

    "The biggest one is that it allows any resident who feels aggrieved by a county emergency order, including a mask mandate, to file a lawsuit — and it tips the scale in court in favor of the challengers.

    "SB 40 requires the courts to hold hearings on challenges within 72 hours. “The court shall grant the request for relief unless the court finds such order is narrowly tailored to the purpose stated in the order and uses the least restrictive means to achieve such purpose,” the bill says.

    "The judge would have to make those findings within seven days, or the challenger would win by default.

    "If the county were to continue the mask mandate, the likely result would be clogged courts and a loss at the end of the day, Commissioner David Dennis said."

    What we need to do is all take these matters to court in a flood of challenges so the court has no choice but to end the enforcement of mandates everywhere in the county.

  8. ^^TL/DR. Nobody has any kind of time for this.

  9. she vaccinated young state employees not at serious risk way ahead of seniors at great risk.

    seniors died.

  10. kansas dies not seem to be competently managed.

    a lot of unsmart people with opinions.

  11. Just checked CDC stats today on where states rank in terms administering the vaccine they have on hand. Kansas ranks 44th. For you Democrats, that’s out of 50 states. Another case of an ineffective Lib f ing things up. Gramma Kelly is another mis-guided, under-performing Dimwit.


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