Kansas GOP 'Walk Of Shame' Captured By Cameras After DUI Bust

Auto probs with booze are commonplace and confront a growing number of Americans with drinking issues that worsened during COVID.

Sadly, this Kansas conservative hasn't handled the drama effectively and now he's earning widespread scorn from both side of the aisle following a DUI arrest wherein he was charged with going 90mph on the wrong side of a highway . . . Here's a worthwhile report, roundup and images:

Kansas Senate Majority leader bonds out of jail with new fleeing police, DUI charges from Shawnee County district attorney

TOPEKA, KS (KSNT) - The Kansas Senate Majority leader has bonded out of jail Friday after Shawnee County District Attorney Mike Kagay said he formally filed charges against him in relation to his March 16 arrest. KSNT News was at the Shawnee County Department of Corrections as Suellentrop walked out of the jail.


  1. Back to work fighting immigration, medicare, voting fraud and the Tom Hanks baby eating cabal.

    1. That's Illegal immigration, Joe's got one kids death on his hands


  2. Pretty mild compared to what the democrats do.

  3. ^^^ exactly, 8 sex charges, lying about killing 15,000 senior citizens and putting family in front of the elderly for covid.

    Coumo is still in charge and no where near getting pressured to remove himself from office.

    DUI is nothing compared to that plus no one got hurt either.

  4. Its too bad somebody hasnt invented a car service that employs people to pick you up and take you home. Like if i could use an app to summon a sober driver, have them take my drunk self home safely.

    What an idea!


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