Kansas Fight For Gen Z CCW Rights

Kansas City hipsters carry more agitprop for opponents of the 2nd Amendment who hope to scare the public with scary ideas about rambunctious youth armed with deadly weapons.

TKC Newsflash: Sorry grandma, many youngsters carry guns illegally anyhoo and in spite of any legal sanction.

And so a theoretical argument over constitutionality and sanctions ignores the reality on the streets of a nation that hosts enough guns to arm every man, woman and child.

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New bill lowering concealed carry age in Kansas creates controversy

A bill passed by Kansas House members last week would lower the legal age to carry concealed firearms from 21 to 18. House Bill 2058 would require an eight-hour safety and training course for concealed carriers ages 18-20. Currently, 18-year-old Kansans can carry a gun openly but it cannot be concealed.


  1. Rollin' With Madison Cawthorne3/11/21, 1:56 AM

    Seems like a good idea, what with brains not being fully developed and all.

  2. Concealed Carry says one thing. Crime is way out of hand and every Citizen knows it. It also states that the judicial the system doesn't seem to deal with it swift enough. Mostly because citizens make excuses for it. Not my kid, husband etc. But yet it is. Can't score your meth and bitch about crime at the same time.

    1. Concealed Carry says that you care more about protecting your life than ANY politican. Our founders knew this, that is why it is the 2nd ammendment. It also defends the 1st ammendment that would gleefully be taken from you by communist inspired hippies.

  3. 18 year old should be allowed to carry but nothing over a 9mm. Their hands are not fully developed at that age.

  4. Old enough to go to war and carry much more powerful weapons, they can carry a pistol for protection.

    What most of you dumbasses don’t understand is the percentage of farm kids in Kansas is way higher than urban kids and they’ve been handling guns for hunting and protection on the farm since they were probably ten years old. If you don’t want urban kids carrying at 18 then can’t that county place restrictions on who can and can’t carry guns? they already have restrictions on where you can ccw in public buildings and such.

    Stop being such pussies about guns, if you’re one of those gay bitches that faints at the sight of a gun then maybe you need to move to another country.

  5. 7:46 that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard lately! Lol!

  6. The only problem yutes in Kansas and Missouri are urban black yutes, they definitely have learning disabilities. Blacks for the most part should never be allowed to have guns of any types. NEVAR EVAR.

  7. Real bright boy there at 7:46.

    Just truly genius-level logic.


  9. Wall E. Weasel3/11/21, 9:00 AM

    "If you don’t want urban kids carrying at 18 then can’t that county place restrictions on who can and can’t carry guns?"

    No, the county certainly cannot.

    "No city, county or other political subdivision of this state shall regulate, restrict or prohibit the carrying of concealed handguns by individuals except as provided in K.S.A. 2019 Supp. 21-6301, 21-6302, 21-6304, 21-6309, 75-7c10 or 75-7c20, and amendments thereto, or K.S.A. 21-4218(f), prior to its repeal."

  10. ^^^ sweet! I’m guessing the koloreds better think real hard before they try to rob people in the future, if 18yr olds have to do training to carry then they will be proficient in hitting their intended target amirite!

  11. 8:13, show us your genius level by disproving anything that 7:46 wrote.


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