Kansas Culture War Over Trans Youth Sports Turns EVERYONE Into A Villain?!?!

Honestly need help understanding this one . . .

Advocates for Trans youngsters want to prevent bullying and curb suicides among youngsters.

Meanwhile, proponents of limits on Trans participation in youth sports hope to protect the rights of young women and grant them equal access and protections under Title IX

These are both worthwhile goals. 

The problem . . . Extremists on "many sides" of this sordid topic quickly denounce their opposition and offer really sketchy theories about political motivations.

Even worse, the public is forced to pick a side and stand against "hate" that certainly isn't coming from people who put on nice clothes and give public testimony about their valid concerns.

Accordingly, we wonder if there is any common sense middle-ground solution or is this debate destined to disappoint a lot of people whilst demeaning EVERYONE discussing the topic.

Here's a hack hit-piece example of this unproductive discussion and a reminder of why the Democratic Party hasn't won a Senate seat in Kansas since the 30s . . . Check CJ allege persecution in what is essentially a pay-for-play partisan screed . . .

Roger Marshall's obsession with trans kids in sports is unhealthy for everyone | Kansas Reflector

I was wrong about Roger Marshall, and I need to write a correction. Last summer, back before Marshall was a U.S. senator from Kansas, he was battling our previously most embarrassing national political figure, Kris Kobach, in the Republican primary. In June, Kobach put out a bizarre, rambling campaign video about how transgender athletes were a threat to girls' sports.


  1. Doc Marshall is right on this issue.

  2. "doc" is a traitor and a seditionist, he will pay the price for supporting the the vote against democracy in the senate

  3. Let's ruin women's sports. -- Libtards


  5. I have seen very many faggots interested in sports, other than KU basketball and football fans.

  6. So jay Pryor was a woman but now is a man, so he is no longer a woman and now can’t compete in woman’s sports right? Because he’s a man right? So why does he think a man who hasn’t completed the whole transition process should be able to compete in women’s sports? There’s already instances of gay blacks pretending to want to be a woman, competing in sports and dominating real women and taking scholarships and money away from real women and then dropping the whole transgender thing after they’ve milked the system for all they can get.

    If they want to compete in a sport, maybe they should start their own leagues and watch the disaster unfold. Talk about ridiculous rules, they will be harder on the trannies then normal people would be.

  7. Gotta ruin things before the country will conclude things need fixing. Sorry (biological) girls, you will lose out short-term.


  8. How about protection for the kids from the tranny adults who are pushing this insane crap. Monster freaks like Sharice Davids too.

  9. The Demoncraps want more trannies in society. It's another group they can divide away from the rest of the population and split them apart like they do based on race, gender, etc. That's the Demoncrapic playbook to win elections. Divide people, get them at each others' throats, grovel to those groups and then cheat on election day to ensure victory. George Soros and the ChiComs love that kind of America.

  10. Though Marshall and Huckabee's corn porn take on biology, we take it none of you have known any women who play college sports and you would know that women athletes are not intimidated by trans athletes.

    1. Very weak response. Please inform us of the good, solid science that supports the shallow cosplay of transgenderism when every one of the trillions of cells in your body knows if you're a man or a woman.

      Go for it, Dr. Wokestan!

  11. Maybe not intimidated by them, but they will be defeated by them. Just the way it is - or rather will be.

  12. Assistant Crack-Whore3/10/21, 2:43 PM

    Is it appropriate for transwomen to compete with real women in sporting events ? Fuck no ! Is it entertaining-as-fuck to watch a dickless frankenstein pound vaguely attractive real women into the ground while competing in sporting events ? Fuck yes !

  13. Keep whining libs. It's what you do best!

  14. YOU MUST READ WHAT THIS GUY3/10/21, 3:28 PM

    There's no "problem with trans in kids sports". Has anybody ever heard of a trans "boy" winning a natural boys event? Of course not, only a trans "girl" winning a natural girls event.

    So the problem is with trans "girls" in natural girls sports.

    And if you're a lefty, then the problem is that the Right supports women more than you do.

    So, stay with it Tony and KC Star, keep criticizing Roger for his position. Make sure everyone knows who supports women's rights. It ain't you.

  15. The government should require public school districts to form Trans only teams. The federal government will cover the travel expenses it will take these far flung geographical teams to meet in competition to all 15 people that might show up for a traveling freak show.

  16. Completely fabricated "problem". Less than 1% of kids are trans, and way fewer than that are athletes. All of this legislation, media time, public announcements are distraction, a waste of taxpayer money to pay politicians who aren't addressing the ACTUAL problems like a massive recession, unemployment, pandemic, ETC. Republicans, the party of fiscal responsibility, is partaking only in culture war battles because they aren't actually creating legislation that helps working class Americans so they have to garner votes through ridiculous platforms like this.

  17. ^^^^It only takes one or two to destroy a young girl’s chances at an athletic scholarship she worked much of her life for. Good to know that there are people in this world that are just too little for you to care about.


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