Kansas COVID Masks FOREVER . . .

Pandemic fashions might be permanent as many locals opt for and encourage masks despite the slow end of mandates.

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'It's more of a routine': Some Kansas business owners hope people continue to mask up

WICHITA, Kan. - This week, Sedgwick County lifted its mask mandate. Shops, restaurants, and other businesses may be making the call on masks in their business. Now, Governor Laura Kelly does have the upper hand in this decision, but some business owners say they will continue wearing masks and social distancing as much as they [...]


  1. I hope so, it makes identification of the idiots - people who don't believe in science, gun nuts, chucklowes - a lot easier.

  2. But in Florida, where mask mandates are light and lockdowns were minimal, there hasn't been a mass death scenario even though the bobblehheads on CNN promised an apocalypse. Hmmm.

  3. The mask is an IQ test.

    Stupid people won't wear a mask.

    Smart people always wear a mask.

  4. Replies
    1. This article is from today, and it addresses variant cases and not deaths, nor does it explain why there has been no mass death following so many supposed superspreader events like the Super Bowl celebrations that we heard were going to create apocalypse scenarios.

      Speak on it, Chicken Little!

    2. Still waiting for your informed reply, Dr. Chimpy!

      Don't tell me you can't help us with monkey science!!

  5. Oh damn! Another lying TKC Geriatric @11:01AM got his head kicked in! love it!

    1. Holy cow! Is Dr. Chimpy on the case again? You just showed your ass some more by the way. Lol

  6. Masks work well to control large populations

  7. “I am from Peru, and every day I receive the news that somebody died. My friends, family my neighbor,” said Stenholm.

    Must have quite the unhealthy friends, family and neighbors to recieve news of a passing every day. Being this has gone on for a year, Ms. Stenholm knows almost 400 people who died from covid!

    How many of you lose a friend, a family member or a neighbor every day to covid??

  8. Byron Funkhouser3/29/21, 1:32 PM

    Chimpster old buddy! Will be in this week! Get the KY warmed up!!

    Your "friend" Byboi

  9. Chimpy-weird3/29/21, 1:35 PM

    Equally excited here By. We can sit down and write some really incisive commentary together. May have wait a little before 'sitting down', ha, ha.

  10. WASHINGTON — The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, warned Monday of "impending doom" because of steady rise in U.S. Covid-19 cases, and she made an emotional plea for people to continue following mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines.

    Oh you guys are all correct


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