Kansas City's Jamie Metzl Stays Winning

A worthwhile and comprehensive write-up offers a comprehensive career review of a rising star and a former local power player. Linked because our local elite love keeping tabs on cowtown ex-pats in much the same way that the snobby clique from The Barstow School also maintain a watchful eye over the adventurs of former frenemies.

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Jamie Metzl: 25 Questions Answered

Jamie Metzl is an American futurist, writer, geopolitical expert and scientific adviser. Metzl has written about several topics, including technology, China, Asia, politics, science, the COVID-19 coronavirus. He is a frequent guest on TV and radio shows and podcasts, including the Joe Rogan Experience .


  1. The "rising star" that nobody's heard from for 15 years that "stays winning."

  2. Futurist!


  3. Sounds like Metzl is a pretzel he's been indoctrinated by the radical left barstow school and is a liar. He has no republican friends he works with. He might have had or has RINO friends by no republican friends. If he thinks changing from Obama to Trump then why were we consistently attacked by ISIS under Obama and never under Trump and why was the country doing so well under Trump when Obama not only put small business under but also everyone's healthcare????? Sounds like this guy is not only delusional and should have married Meghan Markle, his parents wasted a lot of money for an educated idiot.

  4. Metzl is a fringe political player.

    He was part of Team Clinton back in the day, lost to Cleaver for the US House, joined the Asia foreign policy umbrella group, does stupid copycat stuff like call himself a futurist, etc.

    He's bounced around a lot without ever finding a firm footing to build a career.

  5. Momma's milk raised and continues to support this nipple head. "Futurist" what a joke.

  6. pretty sure i mildly vandalized something at his parents house where his mother had her office when i was a child.

  7. a pinball machine with a missing key?

  8. She needed something more practical to focus on.

  9. when you believe your coworker should be doing other things besides pretending he has important papers in his brief case, hide the back of his office chair.


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