Kansas City Westside Fights Crossroads Invasion With Liquor Store Sign Crusade

In pointless neighborhood news we offer a peek at real estate pettiness and local name game that might be important to merchants, seniors, busybodies and nobody else.

Still, we appreciate the work of community journalists forced to cover the drama in order to maintain a good relationship with the community.

Fact is, liquor store signage is mostly ignored by customers looking to get blitzed.

Moreover . . . All of the sketchy hobos who hang out in front of this place also aren't intersting in branding.

Here's the story . . .

ALL PEOPLE - Your Latino Connection in KC

BY JOE ARCE AND COREY CRABLEIn-depth report Local residents have a message for the new owner of Royal Liquor on Southwest Boulevard - if you're confused about where your new business is located, make no mistake: You're in the Westside neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri.


  1. That’s the liquor store every contractor goes to to get some of the best cheap labor in the city!

  2. ^^^^


  3. So the Arab that bought it messed up. So what ? Sit your Spanish Karen asses down and shut up.

  4. ^^^ follow your own advice bitch.

  5. He has to be misinformed. Its the Westside all locals know that.

  6. It won’t stop them from buying their cheap shitty tequila there.

  7. Exact boundaries on this entire metro cesspool are very crucial.

  8. Jeez, you cant stop gentrification. Not even for that shitty neighborhood


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