Kansas City Weekly Stimmy Hype

As we continue to work behind the scenes, we share this update from 12th & Oak that offers a glimpse at city hall action to spend Prez Biden's rapidly dwindling free money.

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"Here are the top three things you should know this week! The City passed the 2021-2022 budget which includes new dollar house sale of Land Bank houses for low-income residents, the Council passed an ordinance to move the City tax filing date to May 17th this year to coordinate with the year’s federal tax filing deadline and, the City announced some new neighborhood clean-up initiatives aimed at reducing litter in neighborhoods."

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  1. Thanks, I wanted to know how they were ripping me off.

  2. If you received a stimulus check and blew it on a new home theater rather than paying off some debt and saving the rest for a rainy day, you're an idiot. If you're on the City council and blow $195m on feel-good wish list initiatives rather than shoring up basic city services and replenishing the general find, you're also an idiot.

  3. Where get vote NO yard sign?

  4. @11:19am is right of course.
    But when the voters of KCMO insist on electing people who have no appreciation or understanding of what a city government actually does, and really no interest in learning, you're stuck with people who can only respond to the needs of the insiders, friends, special interests, developers, grifters, consultants, and a whole long list of others to give them their marching orders and ways to spend money.
    And all of those other people are interested in themselves, not the kinds of boring basic services that residents and local businesses actually count on.
    It never changes.

  5. I used most of my stimulus money on heroin and whiskey and a couple of visits to the massage parlor. The rest of it I wasted on frivolous stuff.

  6. Let's celebrate the federal government every April Fools' Day. How fitting a holiday to toast a byzantine, irresponsible, and largely untouchable system of red-tape rule-makers and above-the-law actors who do little for the American people other than overpromise, underperform, and charge a hundred times more than they're worth for the service. This is a bureaucratic leviathan so corrupt that it requires a cottage industry of lobbyists to enrich the "public servants," so unserious in its missions that it can't finish one war before starting the next, so anti-American in its sentiments that it routinely proclaims its citizens the most villainous racists and rubes on Earth, and so incompetent in executing its long-term strategies that its reckless spending of borrowed monies has pushed the dollar to the brink of collapse.


    Oh..., April Fools Day for 5 fuckin years.

    5 FUCKIN YEARS OF LIES. APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. What profligate, vain, sanctimonious fools have permanently taken over the national government. What morally vacuous scoundrels and scolds have taken up residence where giants of intellect and great defenders of freedom once stood. How craven yet supercilious are these embarrassing Marie Antionettes who bask in their own illusory superiority while nonchalantly declaring that men are now women, that fear of death justifies destroying daily life, that face masks magically prove one's virtue, and that all "free" Americans must now bow down before the state's false religion of the woke and perpetually aggrieved. Caligula had nothing on the current crop of poseurs and pretenders who rule Americans through fear while doing absolutely nothing for America. The least we can do is reserve one day on the calendar for recognizing how foolish our leaders truly are, for it's clear that the federal government takes us all for fools 365 days a year.

    Twenty-eight FUCKIN trillion dollars in debt, and all we have to show for our coming financial doom is a Constitution as broken as our crumbling bridges and roads and a ruling class of D.C.


  8. ONLY IN AMERICA!!!! If forty million Americans decided just to set up shop in Guatemala or Belize en masse tomorrow without wondering what the locals might think, the world would denounce the great American migration as an imperial invasion. Neither France nor Japan nor the Vatican would blithely allow tens of millions of American cowboys to take over their lands and do as they pleased.

    Only in the United States — the most indebted nation in the history of the world — is it considered somehow rude or uncivilized to ask strangers to get in line and wait their turn. Only in America are borders meaningless, border-protectors demonized by their government while drug cartels and sex-traffickers wage war against them daily, and American citizens denounced "cruel" for not recognizing all the attendant violence and mayhem as supreme "acts of love" worthy of the government's financial support. In America, the borders are open for anyone, businesses and the nanny-class get to cash in while local communities suffer, the American people pick up the tab, and the federal government calls the whole scam "progress." April fools!


  9. ^^^ +100000000000000000000

  10. The people in Washington D.C., are not qualified to push a broom on the construction sites where I work.

    Fuck these pieces of shit.

    1. You have very strong opinions Chuck, that's great. Time for you to get your own blog. I'm sure a lot of people would read it.

  11. On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) said that he prefers raising the gasoline tax to pay for infrastructure, but “unfortunately, Americans have become so accustomed to the low gas prices,” and you need to pass a system that most people will support.

    Cleaver said, “I do think that, given the preference, I, and probably many others, would like to see the gasoline tax raised. As you know, that has been talked about for decades. And unfortunately, Americans have become so accustomed to the low gas prices, and even though I would challenge anybody if they leave wherever they are right now, looking at this — at your show, to go out and ask ten people how much they pay in federal gasoline taxes, they can’t tell you. They won’t be able to tell you until a number’s put out there, when somebody says we’re going to raise the taxes in order to pay our infrastructure costs, or the re-building of our infrastructure, and then, all of a sudden, somebody will start waging a war. They’re trying to raise your taxes. You won’t be able to drive anyplace. It’s going to cost too much money and so forth. So, you’ve got to come up with a system, I think, that the majority of the American public will go along with.”

    Cleaver and the folks in D.C. are fuckin nuts.

  12. this town is looking really trashy lately! not just litter! what do you think travelers think coming south on 29 with all that graffiti on the walls along the 29 /Paseo split, looks like a new york subway!

  13. 8:40 what did you expect in a dimwit run city?

    Like chuck said, these people aren’t qualified to push a broom, hence all the trash everywhere!


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