Kansas City Weekly Report Promises Crime Forgiveness, Pothole Fixes And Free Money

City Hall Communications always try to sneak these clip past everyone . . . This time they nearly tricked us with a late update that's still work a look given that KCMO is soon to start spending $195 MILLION worth of COVID relief.

In this episode 12th & Oak makes a great many pandemic recovery promises that will probably end with tax increases over the long term.

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Lie after lie after lie. And then they start over!


    Soft On Crime: Prosecutor's Office enables scofflaws to cancel their warrants and payoff fines at reduced rates. A temporary patch.

    Street Resurfacing: Shortsighted Public Works will shovel asphalt mix into potholes, which is only a temporary patch.

    Mayor and Neighborhoods Dept. will give away rent and utility money. A temporary patch.

    Blue River BioSolids: Schitt's Creek

  3. ^^^ WINNER!

  4. Better get a plywood stash for the upcoming riots. Floyd killed himself. BLM shopping spree incoming.

  5. I assume that you CHUDS will not be accepting your $1400 checks that reek of Venezuelan socialism.

    1. No asshole i wont,i dont need it and unlike you make more than the $80,000 threshold...go buy another lame term,Antifa quebe!

    2. No asshole i wont,i dont need it and unlike you make more than the $80,000 threshold...go buy another lame term,Antifa quebe!

  6. ^^^ I look at it as a return on the taxes I pay out every year, Biden’s crime family nailed me for $23,000 grand alone on federal taxes this year


  7. People who are letting black people get by with crime is more like it. Biden has put thousands out of work raised tax on everyone and has opened the boarder wide for the drug cartel to bring in the pocket money he and the democrats get plus votes. They don't want to upset BLM because billions of dollars that BLM brings in that goes into the democratic party's pockets, and billions go back into Iran. BTW has anyone heard that Iran just sounded their warnings country wide and told their people to get ready to be attacked. Well it happened the other day and we are involved. Since when do we stand with our enemies? So I really think this is worse than Valenzuela. You know the democrats always wanting to start a war and that's what they are doing know. Can anyone guess who we together with Iran are going to attack?????

  8. You guys didnt expect president houseplant to have a plan? This is not a stimulus, it is a payoff. The price America was extored out of to install joe biden and his band of totalitarians


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