Kansas City Weed Debuts In Waldo

Another quick peek and preview at the decline of American marijuana prohibition.

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Waldo dispensary opens Friday

By Tyler Schneider Rob and Bianca Sullivan's fresh.green medical marijuana dispensary in Lee's Summit was one of the first facilities statewide to officially open its doors to customers last fall on Oct. 19. The owners, both practicing trial attorneys, are will soon open a second storefront at the former Brookside Family Medicine building at 7130 Wornall Rd..


  1. Make it recreational. It's too easy to buy on the street, why bother with that stupid card ?

  2. Thats a horrible idea. How many times do you think its going to get robbed? You need to sell that out of an armoured car. Nothing less. I mean really, drugs and money in the same spot and nobody thinks of a future robbery?


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