Kansas City Warns Small Biz: Comply With Mask Order Until Bitter End Or Shut Down

Kansas City metro public health mask orders increasingly confront rebuke across the metro.

Even housewives are wearing the masks around their chin in most places. 

As the orders are getting harder and harder to enforce given that vaccinations are going up and the number of locals hospitalized has dropped . . . Accordingly, we check recent guidance and pressure on the working-class to enforce the rules of politicos as the threat of variants persists.

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KMBC: KC mask mandate still in place as weather warms

Deets and a renewed shut down threat for small biz . . .

The city reminding everyone that even with ongoing vaccinations "the department is still enforcing the mask order on a complaint basis. We have seen a decline in complaints regarding mask wearing in the past weeks. The mask order is still in effect," said Bill Snook, of the Kansas City Health Department.

The current order says masks must be worn in outdoor spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained.

"When you're outdoors, it's OK not to wear a mask," one woman said . . . 

The city said that it will shut down establishments and events that are not in compliance with the regulations.

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KMBC: St. Joseph, Missouri’s face mask mandate ends Tuesday night

KSHB: Sedgwick County, Kansas, likely to drop mask mandate this week

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  1. get a mask that you like, we'll be wearing them forever.

  2. This is what you get for voting in a bald-headed, drunken, fascist thug as Mayor who's drunk on power when he isn't inebriated with alcohol. Be more careful next time.

  3. 6:58 - Only in Democrat areas. If you go to Belton, Harrisonville and pretty much everywhere but Johnson and Jackson county, life goes on, WITH NO MASKS.

    They don't work. It's insane how malleable and easily manipulated the American people are. The lockdowns killed the economy and ushered in the cabal of Communists now ruling over us with Executive orders and illegal, unconstitutional diktats.


    American IQ's are dropping precipitously (eg. "Chud guy) and the general population matriculates without the ability to contextualize, think critically, or read above a 3rd grade level.




    Our schools are now preoccupied with identity politics and the vacuous, inane, insipid and counterproductive tenets that define the Progressive bowel movement.

    Wear your slave mask you fuckin pussy. OBEY!!!!

    1. Hey chucklowe did you catch how Sidney Powell said no reasonable person would have believed her. Know what that makes you?

      A FUCKING NUT!!!

  4. you get what you vote for!

  5. We eat out in packed restaurants, shop in full shops not a mask in sight.

    Life is good outside kcmo.

  6. CNN reported a spider tackled Joe Biden on the Air Force One steps and knocked him down. Big fucking spider. Hairier than Kamala's unshaved, flea ridden triangle.

  7. Marville's ended today too. Kansas City will be wondering there there revenue is soon.

  8. Close it all until we are safe.

  9. 7:41 did you know that the secret service has a code name for presidents? China joe bidumbs code name is tripper! Hahahahaha!

  10. Camela's is the Hoe.

  11. The Libtards are the new Nazi Party. You will do as told or be sent to reprogramming camps at secret underground locations.

  12. I can't eat my biscuits and gravy at the Waffle House with that fucking mask on ! Holy shit, when I spend $5.99 for a breakfast I expect to enjoy it !

  13. But World of Wheels is open at Barttel Hall this weekend

  14. Why hasn’t the fat fake dr wrecks kicked those urban campers off of city hall grounds because they aren’t wearing masks?

  15. Is this from the great Dr. Rex Archer ? He's going to hate not being able to shut things down when this city finally gets rid of the mask mandate. But I'm sure there will be another variant to keep us all compliant.


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