Kansas City Tourism Hacks Hype Fake '25 Million Visitors Annually' Stat As Convention Hotel Confronts COVID Economic Reality

To be fair, we would've believed the 25 million visitors "anally" meme.

And so, in retrospect, this hotel was one of the worst decisions that was ever forced on Kansas City. It was always a bad idea but welcoming guests during a plague is now a HISTORIC FAIL that should be remembered FOREVER and every time a developer asks for a tax break.

We can only hope the "see you at the groundbreaking" guy was wearing a mask at the tragic event.

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Loews Kansas City hopes big conventions return soon

After being among the economy's hardest-hit sectors, the hospitality industry looks forward to the day it can welcome people back en masse. The Loews Kansas City Hotel, which opened June 1 and connects directly to the Kansas City Convention Center, hopes to fulfill its purpose in 2021.


  1. Amsterdam claims to have 19 million a year. A city of much more attractive than KC that has weed bars and legal prostitution. KC is a liar.

  2. KCMO is a Socialist Clusterfuck

    They'd soon be bankrupt if not for a Big Brother bailout. Even with the lifeline, they've learned nothing about prudent financial management, so it'll just be a matter of time before they're back on the courthouse steps mired in red ink.

    Anyone with a functioning brain knew the City-subsidized downtown convention center hotel was going to be another Power & Light Entertainment District debacle. They've just refinanced the debt again, stretching out the term length and adding millions more to the total debt repaid. It's like making the minimum credit card payment due while continuing to splurge on crap that you don't need and can't afford.


  3. And to think Kansas City residents are paying for that empty Hotel. Can anyone guess why this was built? I'll give you a hint...it wasn't for tourist guests. Oh wait I thought I saw a bus coming with 25 million tourists. with a big red dot on it and Joe Biden too. We are all saved now.

  4. 25 Million visitors anally is probably closer to being true. I bet Q Ball has those stats LOL!

  5. 60,000 people per day, every day, for a year. Sure.

  6. Unless you live in Chillicothe...... why the F would you visit here....... ain't much to do..... and the weather is crap 7 months out of 12

  7. Yet another sucking chest wound for the taxpayers of KCMO to have to support.
    How's the Waddell and Reed headquarters coming along?
    Oh, wait!
    Dig deep KCMO taxpayers.

  8. It. Looks like CFRG had it right all along. Trolly Car a bust, Hotel a bust. What next, the airport?


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