Kansas City Talks Free Rent Today

Today locals will hold what might be the most important Zoom meeting of the pandemic. Or, at the very least, there's a hint of free money that might prevent a few locals from joining the ranks of the homeless. For a couple of months at least.

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KC Regional Housing Alliance to hold virtual event connecting tenants with resources for rent relief

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The KC Regional Housing Alliance, a group of housing providers in the metro, is hosting a virtual event on Friday to get the word out about rent and utilities relief.


  1. President Sloppy Joe said black and brown people have trouble accessing and using the Internet. Oh woe is them.


  2. When you have the CDC issuing a moratorium law in the country what does that tell ya? figure it out people and stop being so stupid this has NOTHING to do with relief and your well being. I can't believe how anyone can fall for what is going on.

  3. ^^and yet the CDC cannot issue a law. I can't believe how ignorant TKC geezers are. Weird.


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