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Hottie Lily and her panty promo inspire this latest peek at community news, pop culture and top headlines.

Kansas City Burn Ban Sunday

The National Weather Service issues Red Flag Warning for Kansas City metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for parts of the Kansas City metro Sunday from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. It will be a warm and breezy day...good for a lot of outdoor activities but, burning will not be one of them!

Cowtown Contact With Loved Ones ALMOST Resumes

The Year Without Hugs: A Kansas City Mother And Daughter Stay Close Despite Losing Touch

A year into the pandemic, there are two kinds of social distancers in Kansas City, and these two kinds of distancers harbor two very different post-pandemic fantasies. Some of us live in close quarters with other people of varying ages and we may not always admit it, but despite our gratitude for companionship, we have spent much of the last year fantasizing about alone time.

Red State Politicos Vote Against Free Money

MO, KS Congress members unhappy with U.S. Senate COVID-19 relief bill vote

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Senators from Kansas and Missouri expressed disappointment after the U.S. Senate passed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan Saturday. Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt (R) said in a statement that he voted against passing the bill because it "fails the American people."

Panty Probs Persist

Victoria's Secret Just Made The Most Heartbreaking Announcement--Say It Ain't So!

Victoria's Secret just announced that they are closing up to 50 more stores this year! Fans of the brand's sexy push-up bras and iconic Semi-Annual sale will be devastated to learn the underwear company's parent company L Brands is shuttering even more stores. Say it ain't so!

Prez Biden Talks Voting Rights

'Let the people vote': Biden signs executive order to expand voting access

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Sunday calling on federal agencies to expand voting access as part of his administration's efforts "to promote and defend the right to vote for all Americans who are legally entitled to participate in elections."

NY Guv Confronts More Accusers

Two more women accuse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment

In a pair of news reports Saturday, two more former aides to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo accused him of sexual harassment, adding to a mounting list of allegations that have spurred calls for Cuomo, a Democrat, to resign - or even to face impeachment.

Euro Mask Rebuke

Switzerland referendum: Voters support ban on face coverings in public

Switzerland has narrowly voted in favour of banning face coverings in public, including the burka or niqab worn by Muslim women. Official results showed the measure had passed by 51.2% to 48.8% in Sunday's referendum. The proposal was put forward by the right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) which campaigned with slogans such as "Stop extremism".

COVID 4th Wave Risk

US is at a tipping point of another Covid-19 surge, expert says. That's why safety measures remain crucial now

With each day and each vaccination, the US inches closer to the finish line of what has been a brutal battle against Covid-19.

Vaxx Convinces Americans

U.S. embraces COVID-19 vaccines, improving odds of herd immunity

More Americans are warming up to COVID-19 vaccines, with 19% saying they've already received at least one dose and 49% expressing intent to do so when they get the chance, according to new poll results. Altogether, 69% of U.S. adults surveyed by the Pew Research Center now intend to become vaccinated.


A Missouri pastor is reportedly seeking 'professional counseling' after he told women to lose weight and strive to be like Melania Trump for their husbands

Related: How much skin, blood, and saliva humans produce in a lifetime Missouri pastor Stewart-Allen Clark in a February sermon encouraged women to stay slim for their husbands. Clark used first lady Melania Trump as an example during his sermon before warning, "don't let yourself go."

Kansas City To Rescue

'I've been shot. Can you help me?': KC woman assists man injured in triple shooting

Kennia Barnes was watching a movie with her three young children Saturday evening at their home on Agnes Avenue when they heard a noise down the street. It was a loud rattling, like a busted tire, accompanied by a volley of gunshots. "It started getting closer so we just hit the ground," Barnes, 38, said.

Spring Sneak Peek

The Reopening of the Miniature Golf Course at Nelson-Atkins Is a Sure Sign of Spring - In Kansas City

It's been a minute, but the popular art-themed miniature golf course nestled into the trees on the south lawn of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art will mercifully reopen March 19. Paying Tribute to NLBM and the Kansas City Monarchs If you're not familiar, each of the nine holes on the course features a work of...

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  1. Biden can't do that!!!! That executive order will not stand. This man is flipping nuts. I can't believe he came out with something like this, does he mean the dead people and two votes for one and the mobile voting truck that took votes from people at their homes? How about the states that had more votes than registered voters. What he's trying to do is make all elections like 2020.


  2. Good for Switzerland. Our country has the law that needs to be enforced. Public Law 414 Chapter 2 Section 212 passed June 27 1952

  3. cuomo sounds like a throwback to fifty years ago.


  4. There is no such thing as free money. This COVID relief is going to hurt everyone. You can't keep throwing out and printing more money. It's the same as writing bad checks and or running up credit card debt not to mention devaluing the dollar. Great way for the country to go under which is what the democrats are trying to do. Free money and keep the economy closed how stupid.

  5. ^^^

    And yet I'm getting my free money soon. Odds are you're probably cashing a government check too. Weird.

  6. 4:20 keep smoking that crack gurl, you be needin some three inch nails wit dat weaves biotch!

  7. Kshb apparently has dumbasses for reporters because every single republican voted no on the stupid 9% only for covid relief bill, how convenient of them to leave the important stuff out, effing idiots.

    Will they do a report on why all dimwits voted yes to a bill that is 91% pork? I’d like to hear their excuses for passing this bill and I’m sure at least half of America would too. The other half is too stupid to understand they aren’t getting shit in the big picture.


  8. LOLOL! the Nelson Art Gallery features a tribute to blacks.. y'know..for all tha black art connoisseurs packing the Museum daily...

  9. ^^^ +1000000000

    Maybe they have a monkey art section! Lmao!

  10. ^They don’t, but you have a dead wife!! LMAO! Your wife is dead!!! LIL!!! That’s fucking funny right there!!! Hahahahaha! You’re so lonely and pathetic! Lol! Hahahahaha!

  11. peterbaker, to some, could try lessening charges for destruction/vandalism of personal property, drAstcally increase illegal weapons chargesN'processing, and see what happens.

  12. 5:32 you hurt my feelings so you should apologize right now or else your tiny man part will fall off! At least that’s what my wife said, she said she was totally embarrassed that she could have picked someone with the tiniest little thing she’s ever seen! Hahahahaha

    Don’t worry though, she’ll nevar see you again and she’s told all the hot women in the metro about your “shortcomings!”

  13. Actually, @4:32 it's just a bit less than "half of America", the latest count is that 80% of Democrats, 56% of Independents and 47% of Republicans favo the Relief Bill!

    Theonly ones opposing this relief, or rather return of Tax money to the people who paid it, rather than handing it to the people who own the Republican party, are the remainder of the GOP, the Trumptardians. And the only reason they oppose it is that the Democrats will get credit for it.

  14. "MO, KS Congress members unhappy with U.S. Senate COVID-19 relief bill vote"

    MO, KS Congress members unhappy with anything that doesn't put money in their pockets and make their donors richer.

    There. Fixed it fer ya!

  15. Byron Funkhouser3/7/21, 8:26 PM

    The ignorance displayed on here is amazing.

    Of course dims and the gimmee folks want the stim monopoly money.

    However, at some point, they'll need wheelbarrows of it to buy bread.

    Print, print, print mo mo mo mony!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too stupid to realize the result (or don't care until they find out they are still broke.)


  16. Demosleazeballs scam thru their monster $1.9 TRILLION Liberal Wish List..at American taxpayer expense.

  17. I don’t care much for Cuomo but I definitely don’t believe any of the stupid cunts saying he sexually harassed them.


  19. And yet not one of his accusers has said anything about rape. Weird.

  20. Do you libs support your tax dollars building walls in Africa? Bailing out corrupt governments in New York, California, and Illinois? That's where the majority of the money is going only to leave America with coming severe inflation that your measly 1400 checks won't be able to cover.

  21. Do you Trumpkins support your tax dollars building walls in Mexico (or Colorado)? Letting state governments such as New York, California, and Illinois fail, leaving thousands of retirees broke and states unable to provide basic services? That's where the majority of the money is going only to leave America with a period of prosperity similar to the one that followed the last Republican presidency Democrats had to clean up after.

  22. Country club pricing on the miniature golf - $16 for 9 holes?

    Nelson museum must have to pay high licensing fees to BLM and NLBM.


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