Kansas City Streets Still Trashy

This hopeful report reminds us that this town still looks like a dump as promises from elected and appointed officials continue to pile up as well.

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Trashed! Why all the litter along Kansas City's major roadways and what's being done about it

Is Kansas City becoming more trashy? Drive along I-435, 71 Highway and other high-traffic roadways and you'll see bags, bottles, cans, old tires and odd pieces of plastic scattered along the shoulders. It didn't used to be like this, say many people commenting on NextDoor, an online social media hub.


  1. The favelas of Rio are more soul-enriching

  2. The city and state can’t keep up with the trashy blacks who constantly throw their shit every where, why do you think they let the grass get so high along the roadways? To hide the trash dude!

    Don’t believe me about the coons and their trash? Go down and look at all the trash in brush creek rom about the Paseo to Cleveland after a big rain storm, there’s so much trash in the river that you could probably walk across it, filthy ass monkeys don’t care bout nuttin.

  3. ^^OK Boomer. Give us the Matlock plotline today.

  4. Kansas City is a dirty shithole.

    Glad I live in a gated JC Nichols community in Leawood that keeps the riff raff out.


  5. I watched black people deliberately throw their fast food trash in the street in Hyde Park for years. They parked in the same place and dropped their trash on the street. These people are evil and they will never be seen cleaning up they do it to irritate. They hate this country and they hate you for no reason. Start fighting back! I do.

  6. KCMO should stop the 2 bag per week trash limit. This limit is leaving a lot of trash for people to get rid of themselves and it is ending up on the streets. KCMO should pick up ALL the trash not just 2 bags per house.

  7. They don't even pick that up if it knows or a bird shits or some other excuse.

  8. ^^Huh? WTF is this geezer? English. Do you speak it?

  9. Here is an idea, the 120,00 illegals that are crossing the border each month can clean the shit up for their new room, board and free healthcare. Maybe somebody can suggest that to the dead-brain Harris-Biden Admin.

    Also have that fucking freeloader Byron get his blind ass out there picking up shit nice he loves commenting on KC blogs so much.


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