Kansas City Streetcar Still Isn't Fully Funded

Local news is just repeating hype from taxing authorities. Fact is, this pricey mode of transit STILL needs more cash if we're to believe the the initial ballot question in a rigged mail-in vote not so many years ago.

Nevertheless, here's the company line and more celebratory coverage . . .

KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension moving forward

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The KC Streetcar Riverfront Extension project is expected to be fully approved this week, with construction expected to begin next year. The extension will connect the existing KC Streetcar route from where it currently ends at Third Street Grand Boulevard, to Berkeley Riverfront Park, near the Grand Street Viaduct.


  1. Throw the whole toy train in the trash.

  2. ^and yet that will never, ever happen and it will only be expanded. Weird.

  3. This only relates to the short extension to the Riverfront Park, which is a completely separate project from the southward extension. The southward extension is fully funded.

  4. How do you report news and not understand whats going on?

  5. Vote yes on servings tax to keep trolley moving along


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