Kansas City Streetcar Future: Casino Shuttle

Recent hype for the toy train offers a hopeful outlook about cash from the feds.

Presser talking points dutifully rebroadcast by hacks:

"Streetcar service from Union Station to Berkley Riverfront Park is expected to be running by early 2024 following the unanimous approval by the Port KC board of an agreement with the KC Streetcar Authority and the KCATA.

"The half-mile, $20.2 million extension from the current north terminus in the River Market to a stop on the west side of Berkley Park is expected to begin construction next year. It’s the result of $14.2 million federal grant awarded last September."

Accordingly . . .

There's really nothing at Berkley Park except the occasional dead lady, sketchy real estate courtesy of a local power player developer/lawyer and, of course a local casino. 

Amateur urban planners might celebrate transit for the occasional festival but the casino will have far more traffic . . . There's already a plan to build a stop in front of the local den of iniquity. And to be fair, this isn't a bad plan and might even make a buck or two . . . But it's a cynical strategy the leverages local addiction, not the bright future of urban transit promised by cheerleaders. 

Developing . . .


  1. Actually, a casino shuttle is a GREAT idea.

    Any word on how they'll get the homeless off the ride?

  2. nobody in their right mind would choose that casino as their choice!

  3. ^^^^^^FTW

  4. Ummm did you say 20.2 million for HALF A MILE? What a waste. So many other deserving and useful things that could be done

  5. They spent $102million for the two mile line so this is extremely efficient LOL

    The 77 bus connects from maybe crown center but certainly from 12th and grand to that casino and others so no need

    ATA is no longer interested in bus transit for KC residents.

    KCATA is a eco devo hustler just like port authority and just like streetcar authority. And lo and behold all three are in this agreement

  6. Better title: bankruptcy at the end of the line.


  7. that casino?!. I was last there like 10 years ago ..when it was "The Isle of Debris"..it's still there? hmmm

  8. Whyis the city not putting the trolley on the east side of town? People there like to work and gamble. This trolley is racist in its concept.

  9. ^^^ Trolley east to casino. Jackpot for KC!

  10. They can spend all they want on the toy choo choo. It will never be anything more than another failed KC money pit.

  11. Once the Slyster and his gang created the "Streetcar Authority" it quickly became just like any other bureaucracy:
    A money pit, and
    primarily dedicated to its own expansion and survival.
    It's a joke, of course, and has been from the very beginning.
    But even a stake through its heart, silver bullets, and garlic around its neck can't kill it now.
    It will continue to be a sucking chest wound on KCMO taxpayers for decades.
    Maybe Sly and Sharice can get together and write a children's book about it.

  12. 5:08 it was called pile of debris

  13. Follow the money.

  14. Maybe this will help bring the trolley back from its demise. Ridership is only a few homeless now trying to stay warm.

  15. Shame on them. That money could be better spent at 18th & Vine

  16. Takin' the Trash to spend their Welfare / Assistance money ( aka your rediverted tax bucks ) at the Casinos. KC sure do likes be spending that tax payer money in weird ways. Mchomie still gets your 250 million while thousands of biznesses die during covid ? Dat how Killa City rolls, bitches. Priority of keepin the family wealthy, not yours.

  17. ^^Says the Boomer eating cat food. Your fault you failed Boomer. Try harder!


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