Kansas City Streetcar Fact Check: Actually Fed Cash Won't 'Fully Fund' Toy Train

The Pitch shares propaganda transcribed from marketers . . . The reality is that the funds tomorrow are one component of federal funding but not the whole enchilada. However, nobody is challenging the press releases.

So we'll share the hype for now . . .

Federal government fully funding the Kansas City Streetcar Main Street Expansion Project

Thanks to a federal grant, The Kansas City Streetcar Main Street Expansion Project will be fully funded. Nearly $91 million of American Rescue Plan funds, as well as a $24.7 million Capital Investment Grant, will support transit projects in the Kansas City area. This was announced Tuesday by Reps.


  1. Rev Al Sharpton3/31/21, 9:00 PM

    2 words- "GHETTO TURD"

  2. ^^Two words: Racist Turd.

  3. “The KC Streetcar has played a vital role in the metro region-bolstering our local economy, supporting manufacturing jobs, and connecting people to opportunities across our country,” Davids says according to KSHB. Across our country? Wat?

  4. If the Feds won't fund it, the E-Tax will. Or some other McKnelly BS games.

    Vote against the E-Tax.

  5. Saying THE streetcar is fully-funded is just like the developers who get the city to offer an "incentive" for their "project".
    Then in no time, they're back because somehow the numbers just don't quite work, but for a few million more they'll turn out the project of the century.
    And the KCMO electeds fall for it every time.
    But there's always loose money floating around if you don't bother spending it on such things as maintaining streets or trash pick-up.
    A taxpayer-funded world of glitz and make-believe.

  6. some good points, and that quote from sharice is admittedly pretty silly,


    you have to admit, here is sharice getting that federal pork lined up for KC that cleaver alone has never been able to do. there is some possibility that sharice is a ninja and is going to be the KC titan in Congress that we have never had, and since the situation in Jeff City is so toxic for KC residents, this is really welcome

    wow did I and many of us ever call this one wrong

    a couple years ago, federal funds were dried up and gone for folly/vanity projects like KC's li'l streetcar district. $100 million for 2 miles of streetcar line, and two publicity spokespeople.

    then the COVID pandemic hits and part of the federal stimulus is $91 million to area transit projects and it sounds like a big chunk of it devoted (diverted!) to the streetcar bureaucracy. oh, the consultants will be lining up. and the legal fees. yes, this is Big Time.

    but the question remains why it is costing them so much money to run these street rail lines just a few miles, all within existing streets and right of ways, they don't have to drain creeks or build bridges or blast away limestone man they spending hundreds of millions for something akin to an airport terminal to terminal trolley or tram system.

    Radish has spoken


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