Kansas City Streetcar Expansion Real Estate Speculation Hype Persists

Here's a grand scheme/design courtesy of a local developer hack that seems to think the economy will continue its momentum powered by Prez Biden free bucks.

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Office Tower Proposed Near Planned 27th and Main Streetcar Stop

An $83.4 million office tower is in the works for vacant property owned by Crown Center near the planned 27th and Main streetcar stop. A preliminary plan for what appears to be a 12- to 14-story tower on a site northeast of 27th and Main streets has been filed with the Kansas City Economic Development Corp.


  1. I’d like to point out that it is possible to make money in real estate development without fleecing the taxpayer. It does take effort, creativity, and a bit of your own money, however.

  2. Just what the city needs, another empty office building.

  3. Another opportunity for the KCMO electeds to test their courage in "enforcing" their new guidelines for subsidizing "development".
    These grifters know all they have to do is to say the word "streetcar" and the mayor and council will wt their pants and give them anything they want.
    It works EVERY time.
    What shell is the pea under today?

  4. Vote NO for the E Tax..it will save lives and jobs. Even the Star recommends a NO vote..


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