Kansas City Star Demands Police Accountability In Overland Park

Dead-Tree media is pushing for more deets in a case in their own neighborhood for a change.

What's more interesting is that KSHB is doing most of the heavy lifting in this case and persists with a Sunshine request lawsuit open more records to the public.

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Public must see the payout given to Overland Park cop who killed teen in his driveway

Did they somehow move Overland Park out of Kansas? And why didn't they say anything when they did it? The Star has asked for copies of severance agreements from two public entities: the University of Kansas and the city of Overland Park.


  1. Everybody but the Red Star3/12/21, 1:28 PM

    More KC Red Star BS.

  2. Gee when will this screwed up dead kid and Karenated parents 5 min. be up ?

    1. So do you put the whole boot in your mouth or just the tip?

  3. F the falling red star. I demand that propaganda stop being sold in Quick Trips


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