Kansas City Star Admits Their Story About KCFD Racism Didn't Change Much

Cool graphic and a tacit admission that the newspaper was only able to spark a few statements from mayor & council.

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Critics frustrated at slow progress in effort to address KC fire department racism

Frustration is growing over city hall's delay in hiring a consultant to investigate discrimination within the Kansas City Fire Department. More than two months after the city council ordered the legal department to prepare a request for proposals from outside consultants, that RFP is still in the drafting stage.


  1. The 6 people who read the Star were not moved.

  2. "Kansas City Star Admits Their Story About KCFD Racism Didn't Change Much"
    At least the failed Star now knows how little it influences the KCFD and council.

  3. White Guilt Daily admitting its irrelevance and impotence.

  4. America was founded on racism & is still very much a racist country.

    Only a racist can study American History & not see that the Native Americans, & the Slaves, were the good guys, & the white men were the bad guys.

    You invaded this continent, committed genocide against the Native Inhabitants, & now you bitch about "illegal aliens".

    Systemic racism is in everything, & white's denying the obvious is not the solution.

    1. European whites created the modern world. The other races need to accept that abd vet along to go along.


  5. Bryon you are a hater and you know nothing about history. The white man didn't take the salves, their country sold them to the white man. The American Indian was just a brutal as the white man was. There was a war and the Indian lost. Get your facts straight. Whit people are not the only racist ones more black people are racist than whites. We have put up with favoritism for years and we are sick of it. You are really ignorant and a hater of this country and white conservatives so why don't you leave!

  6. Dopey Dupin is a Racist! Not a real leader of L42,


  7. The leaders are afraid of the facts that will come out that the black ff's hate the whites more than the other way around.....


  8. Democrap greedy Firefighters Union slobs not wanting to let others in on their scam.

  9. Byron Funkhouser3/28/21, 8:16 PM

    I don't live anywhere near KC. I'm hundreds of miles away, but I thank Tony for allowing me to post my shit on here, because nobody, and I mean NOBODY anywhere near where I live will let me post. They simply don't give a shit about me and my prog ideas, so Kansas City is the only place for me to spew my nonsense. Thanks again Tony! If not for you, my voice would be silenced.

  10. Byron Funkhouser3/28/21, 8:17 PM

    And I suck a mean dick too!

  11. In honor of the latest out rage let's name it Chink Creek.

  12. 5:49 & 9:57 One wouldn't even know a thing called spellcheck exists.

  13. The Star didn't stop the organized crime of the 60s and 70s why would they expect they could stop the organized crime of the 2000s.

  14. 5:27, you've been invited repeatedly to tell us how you define racism, but so far nothing. Are you ready to admit that you have no fixed meaning for those terms, but rather just use them whenever something irritates you?


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