Kansas City St. Paddy's Day 2021 COVID Downsized Guide To Local Places Debuts

So far this is the best quick hit peek at all of the wonderful local offerings that Kansas City denizens still can't visit . . . A quick pop-in to grab a Styrofoam container of food is all that's available to most this year.

Check-it . . .

Who's Serving What on St. Pat's? We Find Out! - In Kansas City

Last year around this time, America was closing up shop because of Covid. St. Patrick's Day took the brunt of it, with restaurants and bars abruptly forced to close and parades swiftly being canceled. This year, St. Pat's is back in a reduced form, but at least we can do what Kansas Citians do best-eat...


  1. Hey man you can't beat a good Ruben and fries. Lets show Lucas our support and appreciation by going out in droves on St. Patrick's day and really living it up with corned beef and cabbage all day long "in Overland Park" HA HA HA HA HA

  2. ^^except your wife is dead and you're not going anywhere. You never do.

  3. I'll head to a place that does dine-in no retardo masks. You want biz, don't play socialist politics. Sucks for (I would assume) a lot of biz Owner's who are likely generally conservative. But, you play the stupid prog game, I'm not supporting your bottom line. Fortunately I love mex food, and the legit small mex biz understand what biz is about: money; not progressive compliance rules.

  4. the best is serving shit on a stick, gotta have a fight before you sleep with someone in a druncken haze to see if you still have a fuck to give after.


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