Kansas City Siren Test Part Deux Today

Quick note on local government flexing control of the air and the attention of plebs triggered by loud notices.

Here's the reminder note . . .

Advisory: KCMO will conduct its monthly test of the outdoor tornado warning sirens today

KCMO will conduct the monthly test of the outdoor tornado warning sirens today at 11:00 am.

If you are outdoors in KCMO, please let us know if you do not hear the sirens in your area by calling 311 or visiting the website: KCMO.gov.

Remember, the outdoor tornado warning sirens are not designed to be heard inside of buildings or other structures.


Sadly, about half of that city hall note is incorrect and reminds that in a real emergency it's not so unreasonable to be scumbag like everybody else and start hoarding toilet paper.

Developing . . .


  1. That was fun.

    1. ^^^

      Actually, not supposed to be fun. It was a vital warning system that is very important during tornado season.

  2. ^^OK Boomer. Go be safety pup elsewhere. Go check for hall passes. Dick.

  3. Interesting how they power that be want you to know that the sirens are not to alert you if in your home or a building. Wasn't all that many years ago that the current cell phone alert system wasn't in effect. If we can't hear them in our homes or being told they no longer are designed to let us hear them in our homes then why do we need the damn things to begin with?

    I guess in years past they were actually lying to us how shocking is that?

  4. ^^I don't know Maude. Did you call somebody about it?

  5. ^^Whippersnapper Weenie is back on the board!

  6. ^kicking your ass all day grampy!

  7. Everyone knows that on March 4th Hillary Clinton will be inagurated as President! Trump is finished. His poop is clear for all to see now. He lies

  8. Well shit, that warning went off yesterday and pert near scared the tar right outta me. I ran to the store and bought up all the tp for about $1,500. Now I'm going to have to start selling out of my van or on amazon, hopefully at a net gain.

  9. The whole March 4th left wing conspiracy is machine gun Nancy’s excuse to keep the national guard at the capitol, she has to keep the lie or hoax about “insurrectionists and white supremacy alive so she can pass laws to take our rights away.

  10. Topeka Reader3/3/21, 10:27 PM

    So, do Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Johnson on KS side Platte, Clay, and Jackson on MO side test the sirens at the same time? Just wanting to know when I come over to visit. Shawnee County does theirs on Mondays at about 12:00PM.


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