Kansas City Serial Killer Lured Victims With Early Internets Tech

Web 1.0 powered this killer and should inspire us not to get too chummy with strangers online despite the social media urge to "connect" with the world.

Take a look . . .

John Robinson: How he used the early internet to lure his victims - Film Daily

For true crime fans, it's hard to keep track of all the heinous American serial killers of the second half of the 20th century & beyond. From Dahmer to Gacy, there's no shortage of killers coming from the land of the free, and it seems as though one killer's story is more twisted than the next.


  1. He has an office in the building at the corner of 83rd and Somerset in Prairie Village Ks. But was smart enough not to nab a Prairie Village girl, as that would have been deeply investigated. He is a freak. Should be executed.

  2. The Libtards don't like the death penalty. That's one of their future voting blocs. And murderers on death row and other places are getting $1,400 from Basement Biden. The illegal aliens are too.


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