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Provocative music diva hotness inspires this quick peek at more community news, pop culture and top headlines.

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Heavy Duty Kansas City Crooks Swipe EPIC Safe

KC thieves brazenly swipe woman's 500-pound safe filled with antique treasures

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Amanda Bushong realizes it's a longshot, but she's offering a $5,000 reward for the return of her stolen safe. It's packed with highly valuable trinkets ranging from rare coins and stamps to a lock of hair from Alexander Hamilton. "That was the furthest thing from my mind, that somebody would come [...]

Hip-Hop Tribute Consolation After Big Game Defeat

Patrick Mahomes mentioned in Drake freestyle, reacts on social media

Patrick Mahomes was name-dropped in one of Drake's three new songs that were released late Thursday night, and the Kansas City Chiefs star had an epic reaction to it Friday morning. Drake released three songs in his "Scary Hours 2" pack. One of the songs, "Lemon Pepper Freestyle" which features Rick Ross, has a reference to Mahomes.

Kansas City Keeps On Truckin

Penske Agrees to Acquire Kansas City Freightliner

Penske Automotive Group Inc. announced it entered into an agreement to acquire Kansas City Freightliner, a retailer of medium- and heavy-duty commercial trucks. Penske expects the acquisition is to generate $450 million in annual revenue, and build further scale within its Premier Truck Group subsidiary. Freightliner is a brand of Daimler Trucks North America.

Shocker Tune Debuts

Bebe Rexha is out for blood as she sizzles in black in Sacrifice video

Bebe Rexha has been teasing her sophomore album since making her debut with Expectations in 2018. And the two-time Grammy nominee is making sure her new music is worth the wait, dropping one of the singles Thursday night.

Stab At US Cure

U.S. embraces COVID-19 vaccines, improving odds of herd immunity

More Americans are warming up to COVID-19 vaccines, with 19% saying they've already received at least one dose and 49% expressing intent to do so when they get the chance, according to new poll results. Altogether, 69% of U.S. adults surveyed by the Pew Research Center now intend to become vaccinated.

Let’s Agree On Free Money

Senate leaders win over key Democratic holdout as party struggles to push through Biden's Covid relief plan

The Senate is voting into the wee hours of Saturday morning on a series of amendments to the $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, following a nearly twelve hour struggle to get one Democrat to support the party's plan to extend unemployment benefits.

History Of Hate Exposed

The long history of anti-Asian hate in America, explained

Harassment toward Asian Americans has spiked in the last year: According to Stop AAPI Hate, an organization that's been tracking these reports,over 2,800 incidents were documented in 2020. And more recently, a wave of violent attacks against elderly people has renewed focus on this issue.

Journal Rebuke Former Prez

WSJ on Trump criticism: He is 'unhappy with us for recognizing reality'

The Wall Street Journal's editorial board on Thursday fired back after facing criticism from former President Trump Donald Trump Trump announces new tranche of endorsements DeSantis, Pence tied in 2024 Republican poll Lawmakers demand changes after National Guard troops at Capitol sickened from tainted food MORE , saying he is "unhappy with us for recognizing reality."

Prez Biden Media Silence Earns Conservative Condemnation

Kayleigh McEnany says Biden avoiding press questions because his staff has no 'faith' in him

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany isn't surprised that President Biden hasn't held a solo press conference despite having been in office for more than six weeks. She called his actions "extraordinary" but "not unprecedented" on FOX Business' " Varney and Co. " "You'll recall...

Newspaper Rages Against Rock Chalk Coach

Les Miles should be fired as the Jayhawks' football coach, Kansas City columnist says

The University of Kansas should fire football coach Les Miles, a Kansas City Star columnist writes, after a 148-page report released Friday said LSU received multiple complaints about the national championship-winning coach sexually harassing students during his tenure in Baton Rouge.

Poor Excuse For St. Paddy’s

Kansas City's St. Patrick's Day Parade will go on ... kind of

by: Michele Allen Posted: / Updated: Missing the St. Patrick's Day Parade? You're not alone! So, FOX4 is teaming up with Kansas City's St. Patrick's Day Parade organizers to bring the celebration into your living room! Join your "Top of the Morning" team on March 17th at 9 a.m.

Adios To Alex Again

Washington releases QB Smith after comeback

9:59 AM ET John KeimESPN Staff Writer Close Covered the Redskins for the Washington Examiner and other media outlets since 1994 Authored or co-authored three books on the Redskins and one on the Cleveland Browns The Washington Football Team on Friday released quarterback Alex Smith, who won the 2020 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award in helping the franchise win the NFC East.   Washington, which went 7-9 in 2020, wants to upgrade at quarterback this offseason and, with Smith turning 37 years old in May and due to count $24.4 million against the salary cap, a release became inevitable.

Bebe Rexha - Sacrifice is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


  1. "WSJ on Trump criticism: He is 'unhappy with us for recognizing reality'"

    That's because Trump and his minions are living in an alternate universe with and alternate reality.

  2. Rush Limbaugh: Still dead.
    Donald J. Trump: Soon dead.
    Trump supporters: Brain dead.
    Kayleigh McEnany: Might as well be dead.

  3. Basement Biden is hiding from America. That says it all about this mental capacity. He's a puppet being led around by devious puppet masters. He didn't win the election. Nearly 20% of Demoncraps believe it was rigged to help him win.

  4. Chimpy: wishes he would die.

  5. ^^^^Ambiguous. Write much?

  6. Biden will never have a press conference, but if he does it will be hilarious!

  7. And yet he's had several. Weird.

  8. ^^^^^^STFU stupid you're clueless.

  9. Don Rumsfeld's Cracked Skull3/6/21, 11:33 AM

    Since all you......Trumpshit eaters believe the earth is flat, and the Reptilians are ALL OVER THE PLACE...when TrumPutin was down in the 'Wh.Hs. bunker' shiverin' and shakin' with fear.....
    who was wipin' his ass?...Malaria? 6ft.9 son Boroon? Roger Stoney?..Bimbaugh?...
    'The People'.....want to know.....
    I feel a glorious responce commin'....


  10. so Les Miles wanted "pretty blondes" for his assistants..who wouldn't?

    esp.after coaching mostly black uuuuglies all day.

  11. ^^they probably should can him..it's P.C.,plus ..the football team sucked this year..

    oh well..KU is a Hoops school anyway..

  12. WSJ confirms their own perfidy. We knew they were an establishment Neocon rag before Trump ever became president. Like all dead tree media, they are not the paper they used to be.

  13. "KC thieves brazenly swipe woman's 500-pound safe filled with antique treasures"

    I didn't know any houses along Vivion Road had anything worth stealing.

  14. Sad theft story. Someone stole a 500 pound safe? Wouldnt it be easier to "crack the combination and open the door? 500lbs of steel could kill a person if it fell on them. The lesson is keep anything valuable in a bank safety deposit box, or several, at different banks in different locations. Thats what I do. And I keep a large safe at my house partly filled with just old bricks, and broke the lock so picking wont open it. So someone can steal the safe, take it and cut it open to find just bricks. The joke would be on them!

  15. And yet we all know that safe is there to hold your Airstream in place when a tornado hits your trailer park. Weird.

  16. ^^ If you keep playing your cards right you'll eventually be able to move from your mom's basement into a trailer. Keep up the good work!

  17. Having a safe filled with heavy objects in plain sight is the oldest trick in the books. Thieves take just it, and then hustle out the door. Leave everything else. But most thieves are so stupid they fall for the ploy and never look anywhere else in the house for stuff. And place a folder of modern penny coins in a coin collectors book, or just 1 ounce of silver, on top of the safe to make them think there is more inside. Leave a note inside the safe stating they were on camera and that they will soon be arrested.

    Have you heard the lastest q-anon theory? That "Q" is actually JFK, yes, Kennedy? Now he would be 103 years old right now. But the Q fans never think to check on his birthdate. They believe anything! How silly


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