Kansas City Royals Pledge Improvement 2021

There's not binding "money back" clause with this offer . . . And so it's just more bold Spring training hype from fanbois who are trying to entertain themselves during the ongoing baseball glory drought.

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Kansas City Royals 'guaranteed' to be better in 2021

The Kansas City Royals improved significantly this offseason and are going to be a lot of fun to watch this year. After showing signs of improvement in the shortened 2020 season, the Kansas City Royals are hoping to be competitive in 2021 and made strides to doing so with their productive offseason.


  1. I doubt that. Get rid of the anti Americans and respect the country and what the country has given you and maybe they might save the game. Otherwise no one cares and will destroy baseball same as we are destroying football and golf. The choice is theirs. Being competitive means nothing if no one is watching.

  2. How can you pledge improvement? If they pledged to try harder that would be doable, but there are no guarantees for improvement. Somebody has to be below .500 - it's science.


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