Kansas City Royals COVID Risk Debated

Local fanbois want to keep everyone safe as they contemplate the impact of the return to normal this Spring amid hopes to prevent outbreaks at the K and throughout Kansas City amid the stalled vaxx rollout.

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Is the risk of baseball in a pandemic worth it?

In a pandemic, there are few certain answers. We know plenty of things: that the novel coronavirus is extremely infectious, far more than a cold or flu; that proper mask usage is an effective tool in keeping yourself and others safe, though it is not foolproof; that before herd immunity is achieved, we can't go back to the Before Times, as it were.


  1. by the way, we're not paying up to go to the royals ever again.

  2. Royals will be a super spreader. Will you risk your life and the lives of your family?

  3. Is the risk of BLM bullshit worth it? Probably not.

  4. The plandemic is over, kc has only a couple hundred active cases, there’s been a 77% decrease in cases since chyna flu joe stole the election.

    We all knew this would happen and by golly it did, the dimwits lied to you people and you all bought it hook line and sinker! Sucka’s!

  5. One of the Royals staff is actually Hugo Chavez in disguise. He is here to ruin our chances for a championship. And to audit the Valero gas stations in the area. My land!

  6. Baseball

  7. Risk...99.98% survival if you aren't half dead already.

  8. I won't pay to go to another royals game.


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