Kansas City Restaurant Scene Confronts COVID-Era #MeToo Redux

Foodies fighting plague and attempting to lure back customers are now inundated by complaints about working conditions and allegations of creeper behavior against female colleagues.

Here's the latest . . .

As Kansas City's restaurant scene grapples with a major reckoning, four industry pros discuss how to combat toxic work environments

Editor's Note: This story features extended interviews that were compiled for our March 2021 feature package, which explores how we can not only save the restaurant industry, but make it stronger. The restaurant and hospitality industry in Kansas City is experiencing a moment of reckoning.


  1. Creeper behavior??? It was way more than that and those being outed should be shunned for life from the biz. Good luck with that.

  2. Would be nice to read an article that doesn't mention BIPOC, which is a racist way to separate people by color.

  3. ^It would be nice to read an article and not have a racist geriatric comment on it. How about that?

    1. It would be nice if you still didn't have sex with your mother, but here we are.

  4. 7:51 It would be nice if you just died a long horrible death from cancer and covid! You’re nothing more than a whiny little bitch, what will you do when mommy dies?

  5. What a load of shit.

    My wife was a server for 25 years. (BTW Black people do NOT tip. It is what it is.) She had good days made great money and had bad days and made shit.

    It's the same in ALL jobs and if you don't like it, get another job. Go to fuckin college, or trade school or whatever. The entire country is infected with this type of "Victimization" claptrap and the worst whiners are fuckin white girls. Jesus!

    I have had to work for owners and customers that I wanted to shoot dead in the fuckin street. That's Capitalism. I could have left or walked off of the job and sometimes I did.

    I sure as fuck, didn't need anyone to feel sorry for me and whine about "injustice".

    Grow the fuck up.

  6. But the best tippers are often white women.

  7. The creeper at work and we all know who that person is, the lonely guy who can't get a decent woman so he brings his issues to work and bothers everyone else. He is usually single or married to a fat or manly looking chick. No one likes working with the creeper.

  8. Most workplaces have a creeper, a lazy person, a bully, a trouble maker, a drunk, etc.......The creepers are pathetic men who can't read a room.

  9. All this politically correct crap will backfire on the libs!!

    Just sit back and watch the fun...it won't be long before it happens

  10. a certification process that would measure healthy business practices, including both the health of the culture as well as their business practices.


    Fine i am honored to be the lead clip board bitch. thank you all for your support.

  11. Dear God, look at these hostile, self-righteous wackos.

  12. Please tone that down a little 12:32.
    And see mindy for an amazon gift certificate.

  13. Looks like they all need to step away from the table.


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