Kansas City Restarts World Cup Hype Despite Ongoing COVID Pandemic

It seems like inviting friends from across the globe to play footsie might not be the best plan immediately following a historic respiratory sickness that shut down the world.

Still, here's a glimpse at the cheer-leading effort hoping for taxpayer help . . .

"Critical step." Kansas City's World Cup bid to be presented next week

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City's 2026 World Cup bid will be presented to FIFA on March 10. The presentation will include discussion on field specs, site plans around the Kansas City metro area and "key topics" related to Arrowhead Stadium. Organizers say it's a "critical next step" to bring the World Cup to Kansas City.


  1. That has every bit as much chance of happening as landing an NBA team in KC did. Pipe dream.

  2. Screw these world cup a-holes running around like their shit doesn't smell. A small percentage of this country cares.


  3. At one time this could have been a reality but really take a look at the city now. There has been a black rodeo clown and a black gay racist punk running the city. Our city use to be a really great city but it's now dying, tacky, dirty, and the whole city is gang infested. There's not even a decent shopping area anymore. Instead of Lucas getting people to invest in things already here he's begging money from developers developing big things in a dead city.

  4. Marketing is ruining things. Keep the World Cup in Europe and the NFL in the USA where they are truly loved and appreciated.

  5. Europe can have the NFL too.

  6. If kc was lucky enough to land a couple games and that’s probably the extent of it, they will be bottom tier teams. All the good teams will land on the east and west coast with the west coast being the prime spot with the weather and facilities.


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