Kansas City Reopen Stalls For Local Talent

The show won't go on for the local creative-class any time soon.

Pandemic restrictions still don't end for another month and there's already more fear of the threat from variants across the globe. 

Local entertainers have always lived precarious lives but the pandemic has been devastating for the arts community . . . Accordingly, this glimpse into cowtown showbiz provides a worthwhile update . . .

Kansas City Artists Wait For COVID-19 Vaccines And Keep Hoping For The Return To Indoor Performances

A date for a return to indoor performances remains elusive, as presenters wait for COVID-19 herd immunity and signals that audiences are ready to return. But, as Missouri enters the next phase of the vaccine rollout this week - and Kansas next week - some see a light at the end of a tunnel they never expected to enter.


  1. When you have an LGBT kid and want them to feel talented, gifted and superior. Well.


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