Kansas City Remembers Nelle Peters Whilst We Knock All Of Her Buildings Down

Consider this groundbreaking long gone local lady for a moment because most of her work is being torn down and replaced with cheap condos made out of five bucks worth of Chinese steel and glass.

Check-it . . .

Nelle Peters: The groundbreaking Kansas City architect

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The appearance of Kansas City, Missouri, can be credited in part to the design of buildings by Nelle Peters. "She was really a Kansas City architect, so she really shaped the way that city looked," Elizabeth Engel, with the State Historical Society of Missouri, said.


  1. It's the fault of the black people they don't appreciate history or things that were well built. Those new buildings that Sly James let go up are also not safe as well as ugly and cheap. The new KC administration thinks that a racist street mural is more important than things that will draw people like history and restoration of architecture that you can't get today.

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    Lol Yes~! Let’s remember the dead - and destroy any evidence that they ever existed. Kinda like what’s happened with 18th Vine. There must be some unsavory politician tied to both failures.

  10. Next week we will destroy Nelle. Stating her whole purpose in life was to be racist and bar one race from super achievement. Trust me, I hear it on tv 24/7 and I read the kansas city star.


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