Kansas City Progressive MSM Targets Disgraced KCK Detective

This morning there's a local push to implicate an old school cop in KCK murder.

The editorial headline from the newspaper goes out on a limb . . .

Kansas City Star: Murdered KCK prostitutes all connected to one man: police detective Roger Golubski

Big picture from public radio:

Why Haven't Kansas City, Kansas, Police Done More About A Long List Of Slain Black Women?

The last time Deidre Dodds saw her Auntie Rose was the day before her body was found. On July 20, 1996, Dodds was driving up 10th Street near Walker Avenue, in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas, when she saw Rose Calvin talking to a man in a semi-truck.


  1. Is murder really that much of a stretch for this guy? Not sure why the FBI isn't picking all his cases apart.

  2. The FBI must be racist too.

  3. According to Henneberger and the rest of her star sycophants we're all dirty, low down, ungrateful, white privileged, bigoted racists.

  4. Why hasn't KCUR taken on the huge, worsening issue of black on black crime? Oh wait. No white villain.

  5. ^^Who listens to KCUR?

    1. Smart people. You know, the reason you don't

  6. This is so foolish. Read the first line I. The article, "I called her name, she brushed me off" well bitch was whoring and found a bad one. They tried to bitch about the grim sleeper guy in South Central La was able to kill so many prosties cuz of Ray szim , no, he was able to do it because these broads lead a day to day life where no one knows where they're gonna be at 24 hours in advance,and running the rapids with dozens of strange men. Just cuz this greezy old polak liked to jungle boogie, why on earth I don't know, doesn't mean all his cases are void. Yea he took advantage of vulnerable black females, so does Alvin brooks so does Michael Fletcher and every other black politico to exist ever

  7. Must be difficult to figure out how to send him to prison for a few years for sitting around like a pasty moustached beached whale king intimidating ladies to suck his dick.

  8. that is one gruesome article. 1990s? Sounds like a 19th cent ripper case.


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