Kansas City Po'Folk Suffer Rent Spike

OR . . .

This is one of many reasons why the hobos have taken over an island in Westport.

Read more and realize that your landlord is your mortal enemy, even if it's your mom . . . Ongoing TKC rent strike since 1978 continues.

Rent hikes hit least-expensive KC ZIP codes more than wealthy ones - Kansas City Business Journal

One year into the pandemic, rental rates continue to creep up in the Kansas City metro. Unlike more expensive metros like New York, San Francisco and Boston where Zillow's Observed Rent Index has fallen -9.4%, -9.1% and -5.5% respectively, the typical rents in Kansas City are up 4.8%.


  1. never vote democrat, they aint your friend

  2. wait, what? how can you tell the difference without blowing smoke up my ass?

  3. Higher rent,

    higher gas prices,

    higher utility bills,

    higher crime,

    higher taxes,

    higer unemployment,

    all brought to you by the Marxist Democrat Party so they could steal an election. Working people always suffer more under the Democrat Party.

    Only the elites, criminals and welfare folks prosper when the Democrat Party is in control.

  4. Landlords too it in the ass because of the shutdown nonsense. Rent will continue to go up because of the ill-planned decisions of the Biden administration that will cause the price on everything to continue to rise.

  5. ERECT BUNCH3/23/21, 9:14 PM

    My toilet aint workin', my stove aint workin' right, my pipes be leakin', my furnace aint heatin', my AC aint coolin'..........

    YOU SAY Rent overdue? You jus showin' yo white privilege!!!!!!!!!! I be on a rent strike!!!!!

  6. The property tax increases are a major factor in rent increases. Inly a moron would miss the link.


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