Kansas City Pitches Fancy Tent

Cowtown middle-class prep to fake the good life for another season but still can't manage to fool the mosquitoes.

Take a peek . . .

Suite Tea-a New Outdoor Glamping Experience-Lets You Unwind In Style - In Kansas City

Get ready, Kansas City-Suite Tea is gearing up to reacquaint you to the great outdoors. In luxurious glamping splendor, that is. Suite Tea's new collection of elevated camping retreats is the brainchild of Heather Shelton and Tiffany Watts. The duo is poised to open their first glamping site in mid-April at the Watkins "C" Ranch...


  1. Looks like Heather and Tiffany have developed a great solution to the KCMO homeless problem.
    When are they planning to step up?
    Someone give them smiley selfies Lucas's cell number.

  2. They'll step up the same time you do Maude.

  3. Are the tents air conditioned? Single origin coffee served? Wifi?

  4. @7:09 Hey Baizuo, isn't gramps coming over today without his teeth? A weekly highlight for you.


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