Kansas City Patio Season 2021 Begins In Hopes That Vaxx Prevents COVID Comeback

Yes, MASKS are still required in most places and the more responsible venues will still enforce social distance . . . Nevertheless, this time around, until people started dying again, we expect locals to play fast & loose with the rules.

Moreover . . . The Mayor & Health honcho don't really have the political capital to restart restaurant shut downs and they're better off focusing on vaxx distribution.

And so, here's a guide for those willing to take the risk to relax at the outset of Springtime . . . Check-it:

18 KC patios to take advantage of this weekend

With the weather warming up, patios are the perfect place to break out of winter hibernation mode and get a bit of fresh air, and the Covid pandemic caused restaurants to get creative with outdoor spaces. We've rounded up a list of eighteen must-try patios in Kansas City.



  2. Maybe the 21-mph winds on Sunday will blow a pastrami sandwich off an outdoor table and into Wrecks Archers' face.

  3. we need more outdoor dining in kc, imho.

  4. Is that negro in the navy?

  5. Let me guess, you've been an idiot your entire life?


  6. Well according to the nut case Dr Fauci the vaccine isn't good enough. He is now saying another wave is coming through and we are all going to die if we go outside or get together with anyone. So you can only guess what is really going on, it changes everyday and getting to the place that it's changing every hour. The mayor of KC has no clue how to handle this and he goes and hides just like Fake Joe Biden. Take a stand against the mayor open big and get back to your life. Don't be a wimp. Stand up and open up inside and outside.


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