Kansas City Pan-Asian Celebration Despite Cable-TV News Fear Pr0n

MSM news has recently been reporting a tragic cultural trend as part of an pandemic coverage . . .

Anti-Asian hate crimes increased by nearly 150% in 2020, mostly in N.Y. and L.A., new report says

The second part of that headline is important because, locally, we're not seeing it at all in this cowtown. That's a good thing and maybe one more reason that it's not a bad thing to be skeptical about EVERYTHING on the news.

Accordingly, here's a glimpse at a local community leader and a really interesting write-up on her very captivating life . . . Read more:

Get to know NAAAP leader Kimberly Carlson and what her perfect day in KC looks like

What doesn't Kimberly Carlson do? The Topeka native has lived in Kansas City since 2008. She began her career as a vaccine scientist, then spent a decade overseeing training programs at four-thousand federally funded clinics. Today, she manages the nation's longest-running HIV study.


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  3. Leave the Asian people alone they didn't cause the virus. Dr Fauci did most of it along with other globalists in the UN. Fauci announced the virus before it was even released on everyone.

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  7. Be interesting to research the numbers in past years. Is this just a new main stream media darling story.



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