Kansas City Out Of Work Post-COVID

Today's reminder that the Prez Biden recovery isn't yet taking hold and might not really differ from the Prez Trump financial boom for those on the losing side of economy.

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Kansas City metro in 46,500-job deficit from last year, February report says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City metro is still working to recover tens of thousands of lost jobs after restrictions aimed at slowing the coronavirus pandemic cut work and shuttered businesses. The Kansas City metro remains down more than 46,000 jobs in a year, an unemployment report released Wednesday by the state of Missouri shows.


  1. Thanks Mr. Mayor for shutting everything down and sinking so many business'. You and your fellow Democrats created, for no reason, immeasurable suffering, job loss, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction and too many morbidities both mental and physical to discuss here.

    Who cares? It got me elected along with some help from the Deep State, Big Tech and the media, so, it was all worth it.

    By the time the next election comes around, we won't even have to work to steal it, we can fix it ahead of schedule with legislation that negates any fair election, plus, we are replacing evil white people with millions of people who will work for nothing.

  2. Everyone can thank Quinton Adolf Lucas for this.

  3. Meanwhile, St. Joseph Mo. is opening up and lifting mask mandates. Maybe it’s finally time to move a little further North.

  4. No worries. As illegals flood the border they’ll be coming for jobs. Another disaster brought to you by Dimwits who care only about votes, illegal or otherwise.

  5. DST Systems fired almost all their staff, including the call girls they "had on call 24/7".


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