Kansas City NextGen Progressives Lament Capitol Insurrection Legacy

Public radio shares this digital "rap session" that offers locals a chance to heal and grieve following a pantry raid that will live in infamy.

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LISTEN: Three Kansas Citians Reflect On The Capitol Riot

On March 11, 29 strangers from across Missouri and around Kansas City met on Zoom in an event hosted by Missouri Humanities and KCUR. They gathered to see if - in these dramatically polarized times - regular people can actually have a civil dialogue.


  1. Not if kcur is involved, they hate whitey and will blame them for everything, just read some of their conspiracy stories, freaking ridiculous.

  2. KCUR is all I to see to realize all I will hear is one sided leftist pinko view point. It killed the Red Star it will hopefully kill public pinko tv too.

  3. 11 BILLION dollars is now being spend to bulletproof and fortify the capital, due to the Jan 6th riot and false election fraud claims that wont die.

    Doing that kind of work wasn't even though of after 9/11 when Bid Laden attacked it with a jetliner and Todd Beemer crashed it before it reached DC.

    The MAGA domestic Terrorists are the biggest threat to the USA

  4. The Libtards are trying to tax all Americans into social programs. It's George Soros' dream come true.

  5. Someone else need to address the libtard for Soros comment, just not gonna go there. But for 11 billion dollars it would be more cost effective to just move the Capitol to Denver as Reagan planed? Gonna take time to sort the MAGA Chuds from the MAGA Fans. Realistically, out of 40k people at the Capitol on Jan 6th there were less than 2k MAGA Chuds who came through the barricade set up by Capitol Police. Once you see the split between, AmRen, Groypers, Proud Boys, Boogaloo Bois, Sons of the Sounth, Threepers, KKK, Alt RightT for an Ethno State, Vinland Wolves, Skin Heads, Hammer SKins, Atomwaffen, The Base, Legion Of St Ambrose and authoritarian communist like PSL (Stalinist) and Shining Path Maoist (Red Guards)and Libertarian Right all makes for an exciting.

  6. 98% of all people attending the Capital riot/attack were MAGA folks. Its the ratio from the arrest records tied back to social media AND admissions from the rioters that they were doing what they thought Trump wanted.

    Yes 98% MAGA

    1. 833 sure, but it was the other 2% causing the trouble and they were leftists dressed as trump supporters.

      The other ppl arrested just walked into the capital, let in by the police.

  7. Bid Laden (if alive) would have been glued to the TV and giddy while watching the January 6th Capital attack.

    Just like Trump was!

  8. Byron Funkhouser3/26/21, 11:05 PM

    "Huh", says president pathetic.

  9. I did not make the comment at 11:05.

    This asshole is calling someone "pathetic".

    That's rich.

  10. Kamala, the real pres.3/27/21, 1:58 AM

    Wow, progressives reflecting! How wonderful!

  11. Lets not call this event anything other than an attack. They were there to murder Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi. I am not a fan of either, but murder is illegal. Had it happened then it would have put an additional layer of terror on all the old people in the USA that worry about stuff all the time, and confused and scared the young kids too.

    It was simply an attack. Like the French revolution and Russian Czar purge.

    Lots of Americans have fought and died in wars to protect that Capital.

  12. 2:22 Byron?? Please get back on your meds ASAP, before they come to return your to the asylum.

  13. Liberals...still literally shaking, don't feel safe in my safe space, need more meds.

    Liberals are so gullible they believe floyd didn't kill himself by swallowing his drugs.

    Liberal believe anything the msm feeds them.

  14. Keep whining you lib Baizuos. It's what you do best.


    KCUR | By Matthew Long-Middleton

    A man with a hyphenated name, interviewing primarily pro-LGBT, pro-illegal immigration, whining VICTIMS FOR LIFE who are Liberal Democrats that KCUR loves to manipulate!!!

  16. Did they discuss NAFTA?

  17. Jarion, how did your interaction with LGBTQ people affect your political outlook on NAFTA?

  18. KCUR? This is journalism. They have no idea what went on on 1/6. Like the dummies who believe the MSM, they believe it was some conspiracy that was
    planned. The only person “murdered” was a defenseless vet named Ashley Babbitt, who was shot in the neck. She was 5’1” unarmed and some “cop” shot her.....I’d love to see KCUR dig into that and do some of that investigative reporting thing. Then again, that wouldn’t coincide with their hate whitey narrative.

  19. Bin Laden would have been happy with the capital attack! He would have partied and slept well that night!


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